Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, use it or lose it

  • WILL the sparks and fists fly again tonight in the Bronx? Neither Brian Tallet nor Chad Gaudin have much to lose. Except all the awful facial hair.

  • SHOULD we reconsider the Giants as wild card favorites if win again tonight to complete the sweep? They'll only be 1.5 games back, so I'm a little early in my favoritism. Matt Cain goes for the Gigantes, Bret Michaels for the Rocks.

  • IS it okay to not be made of Cuban linx and still appreciate Raekwon's long-awaited follow up? I'm white, Canadian, and born in the 70s. I'm his key demographic.

  • DO you miss the good people of Fire Joe Morgan? They took over Deadspin today and gave that old shop a much-needed injection of life. And "sports discussion", so long as no Red Sox were needled in the process. Note to self: buy stock in Fremulon Insurance.

  • WHATEVER it is you do that allows you to read baseball and human condition blogs while making food metaphors all day, it is certainly not a job your grandfather could have applied for.

  • DOES the release of Bartolo Colon portend doom for Livan Hernandez? The other, big, fat, ageless guy starts tonight for the Nats against the Mighty Phils. Brave Prediction: Jimmy Rollins hits 12 home runs to become the Phifth Phillie with thirty Big Phlys. Records were made to be broken.

That'll do it kids. Thanks for swinging by the glog were the talk of Pavement surpassed the belittling of even Rick Ankiel. Remember folks: defense really, really matters. Doubly so if you prefix it with a #numbersign.

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I'm about to say something I have only said like 3 times in my life: I am rooting for the Giants.

My brother is at Yankee Stadium; I will happily pass along any and all secondhand reports of jamookery.

Those words won't get me to drop the price of the HJ, Farthammer.



It's going to get really dusty at Comerica in a couple of innings.

So, matt_t endorsed (on his tumblr, which is excellent, btw) following some guy named Chuck on twitter (@ideasbychuck). I began following the guy last night, and this is what I have noticed so far:

*Chuck is shirtless in his avatar pic.
*Chuck is doing some sort of translation of a video that has the words "rape" and "troll" in it (I refuse to open it).
*Chuck talks to his mom quite a bit.
*Chuck looks like a disheveled Dane Cook.

Maybe I'm not in on the joke, but CHUCK FRIGHTENS ME.

Classy speechifying by Harwell but Detroiters, like the rest of Americans, need to stop yelling "Woo!" after every goddamn sentence when folks orate.

the rape troll just steals your tecate.

the rape troll just steals your tecate.

the rape troll steals your Guy Clark

If we found out ten years from now that MLB was rigged like WWF, I would immediately point to tonight's 9th inning of the Angels-Red Sox game and say, "I knew it." Rivera should have made that catch and Fuentes struck out Nick Green. Weird shit at Fenway. And I'm a Sox fan.

DADGUMMIT. We had a near-shrimp experience in Fenway tonight, but the bases loaded walk in the bottom of the ninth merely tied the game.

That's interesting to hear, bol. But the fact remains: WE WANT SHRIMP

Sorry, Ed. I'll keep my fat trap shut when the shrimp is on the line.

A lesson for all.

Giants went to the bottom of the ninth down 4-0. Just scored, now 4-1, with two on and no outs.

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