Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, the White Sox really like their fireworks

  • EVER wish there was a way to organize an alternate baseball lexicon? The Rogue's Baseball Index is exactly the type of etymological enterprise our readers love. Our own Drew was a happy contributor.

  • HAS Orlando Hudson lost his job? Ronnie Belliard brings the noise, brings the funk.

  • CAN Tim Wakefield win his first game since July? I will continue to ask this question until he gets the job done, but it shan't be hard against the Royals.

  • WHEN will the Cardinals clinch? Beat the Astros tonight and their magic number drops to at least three.

  • WHO will take home the title of Champion in the Walkoff Walk Inaugural Fantasy Baseball League? Jerkwheat's team "The Big Tilde" plays my squad "Cantu's Sassy Seniors" this week for the crown.

No podcast tonight, so your assignment is to head over to the Rogue's Baseball Index and fill it up with all your Walkoff Walk favorites. Tetra tot, human condition, what have you. Be back here tomorrow, same WoW channel.

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Catshirt contributed too!

Tetra Tot is not listed. Someone with wide world web acumen should fix that.

I'd like to congratulate you, Jerkwheat, but I'm not that good a loser. So blow me. Beating us with a player we cut three weeks ago was truly Jerkwheatian. Well played, dick.

I like to think it was Polanco having a big day coupled with Tommy Hanson's first bad game in ages that were the real winners yesterday, Chief.

Suck it.

Suck it long.

Suck it hard.

Even though you lead the league all season I was convinced your Billy Beane inspired team would collapse in the playoffs.

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