Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, forgiveness is the attribute of the strong

If your favorite team is playing a meaningless game tonight and you'd like to see Chad Gaudin thrown into the lion's den, check out the Yankees-Angels tilt on the MLB Network at 10PM EDT. Otherwise, the Hitchcock classic North by Northwest is on TCM at 8PM as the network higlights Bernard Herrmann-scored films this month.

Either way we'll see you tomorrow, same WoW channel. You too, Burger Baby.

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A California Cheeseburger!

Babies: It's Not Just For Breakfast Anymore

Just keep kitty away from that cheezburger
things could get ugly

how is cheezburger babby formed?

@matt_T: between the buns. So I've been told.

Phillas, that's only if you want your cheezburger baby well done.

I bet Cheezburger Baby isn't kosher...

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