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Hey kids, it's not a crime if you say it in rhyme

We're closing up shop early today but that doesn't mean you can't live-comment the 3:30PM Yankees-Angels tilt with me below. Our deepest thanks go to WoW reader MDT for taking the time out of his busy day to do some investigative journalism at the National Portrait Gallery. Go read his MMA blog.

Back tomorrow, same WoW channel.

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That's it. I'm going to Wal-Mart to throw frozen shrimp on the treadmills.

I thought he was supposed to throw pig blood on that painting?

Excellent. MDT deserves a Lobster baby pin.

How many pallets of Cherry Coke does MDT get to go along with his commenter of the year (COTY) status?

Nice work MDT.

MDT got a Lobster Baby Pin. He was at the Heist. UNLIKE YOU, LEFT COASTER

Also, this is great, but I thought the sign was supposed to read "Youuuuk." Anywho, way to be, MDT.

It's a lot easier to find the National Portrait Gallery than it is to find a bucket of pig blood in DC.

Really? Even with all the pork barrel legislation? ZING

I can't wait to listen to Rex effing Hudler. Groan.

Rob, can't be any worse than Sterling and Waldman.

Rex just chided Bobby Abreu for being too selective at the plate and insists he needs to swing away more often.

Yeah, that .395 OBP is totally worthless.

One of Hudler's "Keys to the Game" for Scott Kazmir was "get outs early".

As opposed to waiting until the fourth inning to record some outs? Huh?

UU, at least Sterling and Waldman aren't former shitty ballplayers who pretend to know the secret to scoring runs. I've been listening to Hudler for just 10 minutes and I'm already longing for Uecker.

Top shelf, MDT, top shelf.

Good point Rob. I'm guessing one of Hudler's other keys to the game is for the Angels to score more runs than the Yankees.

If the game gets out of hand, Hudler can get high and start telling amusing stories about Felix Jose getting into fights in the clubhouse.

It's 95 degrees at the Big A today which is making the Yankees beat writers complain like little bitches on the Twittersphere.

You know the Yankees have clinched when Shelly "don't call me Sandy" Duncan is in the starting line-up.

Bobby Cox signs extension, earns top score on Spore.

Braves' Bobby Back. Chipper chews celebratory chaw

Did he tweet it himself?

Does it still count as "striking out the side" if AJ Burnett still gives up a single and a walk in the inning?

Teixeira double, Matsui walk, Shelley Duncan singles past Chone Figgins, Juan Rivera picks it up and absolutely NAILS Teixeira at home plate.

Great throw by Cantus Sassy Seniors' own Juan Rivera, perfect tag by catcher Mike Napoli.

Cano singles to right, drives in Matsui and Duncan.

2-0 Yankees

Abreu tried to throw out Duncan at home and, well, let's just say he was not as successful as Juan Rivera.

Rob, are you going to somehow give yourself credit in Fantasy Baseball for Juan Rivera's OF assist? You've cheated the whole season long, I don't see any reason to stop now, Mr. #1 Pick.

Eight strikeouts in four innings for Burnett. Struck out the side twice and has only issued two walks so far! What a mitzvah!

Since I have Milton Bradley on my team, I'm changing the league settings to include "melancholy" as a statistical category.

*Quickly adds Khalil Greene*

Dontrelle Willis

Adding "melancholy" would really goose Greinke's Cy Young chances.

Bravo, MDT.

Way to be, MDT.

Random interesting note: I took a picture with the Mets bedazzler geezer at Shea last year. I spotted his hat from an entire section over, that's how insane it is. Nice guy, even if he was confused that some youngster wanted a picture with him based purely on his headgear.

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