Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, what's with all the reaping and sowing?

  • BEFORE your regularly scheduled rostrum of sitcoms begins tonight, won't you check out Justin Verlander as he tries to complete the Tiger sweep over the Indians? The contest is on MLB Network at 7PM.

  • DO you realize that Bronson Arroyo is compiling a twelve game streak of quality starts in which his ERA has dropped from above 5.00 to below 4.00? Fella has 14 wins now for a hot Reds team that's threatening the Brew Crew for third place.

  • WILL Felix Hernandez take advantage of the worsening Blue Jays offense to shore up his Cy Young Award credentials? Zack Greinke is shaking in his boots.

  • HOW much would you demand from a young player if you were in the outfield stands and caught his first ever home run ball? Don't you think $10,000 is a bit much?

  • DO you want to participate in a Walkoff Walk Fantasy Basketball League? Good news, I'm not involved so there is zero chance for chicanery or hi-jinks. Please email Drew at lloyd at walkoff walk dot com if you want a slice of that.

Tomorrow is Friday. You know what that means. Same WoW channel.

(photo purrrr-loined from I Can Has Cheezburger)

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I love you, Keystone Cat.

DO any WoWies care at all about the NBA? I hope so but fear not.

That guy asking for money is a dick.

I'm interested, Drew.

I'm not a huge NBA fan, but I have an unhealthy obsession with fantasy sports so I play fantasy basketball, which also helps keep me fairly informed on league goings on.

I'm just putting out feelers today. I'll start harassing people as the season gets closer.

I'm with the Kernel. Hit me up if you need warm bodies, LtB.

I'm with The Colonel, count me in.

Who asks for money for a dude's first HR ball? Or for any home run ball, for that matter? Either say "no thanks, I wanna keep it (if you're a turd)" or let the kid sign a bat or a glove or your iphone or something.

Wait, I'm confused, is Drew Einhorn or is he Finkel? And who is this Lloyd fella?

He's Batman.

Drew, I'd love to try my hand at fake basketball.

Then try out for the WNBA, Jerky.

I'm in.

Forgive me if I'm being obtuse and missing a joke, but...I don't think rostrum means what you think it means...

Rob's creative bent on language aside, I found a crustacianal reference!

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