Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, you can't roast a lamb without first shearing its fur

  • IF the Tigers end up choking their division lead to the Twins, will they all be forced to wear these hilarious t-shirts? Nick "Gasm" Blackburn vs Rick "Gasm" Porcello tonight at 7PM on MLB Network.

  • HAS there ever been a more wildly inappropriate yet completely appropriate news headline than this gem?

  • WITH the Rockies idle tonight, can the Braves get rid of that pesky 1/2 game and close within 2 games of the NL Wild Card lead? Jair Jurrjens and his 2.70 ERA take on the Marlins to get that job done.

  • WHICH night of their four-game set with the Rangers will the Los Angeles Angels of Angelheim clinch the division? Their magic number is 2, and whenever it happens, expect a snide and snarky Oktoberfest piece by yours truly.

  • COULD the Phillies blow a five game lead with seven to play? Nah, it's impossible...right?

Thanks again to The Colonel and Diamond Leung for contributing their thoughts on their respective playoff teams today. If you or anyone you know has any information leading to the discovery of a single human being in the blogosphere who cares enough about the Angels to pen a short and interesting piece, lemme know.

Have a good night, dear reader, and please forgive the continued absence of the podcast. See you tomorrow, same WoW channel.

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Remember when the Tigers traded Jurrjens to Atlanta for Renteria?

That was awesome.

That clip was awesome. Album of the year. Nature hasn't seemed this awesome since that park ranger brought all those snakes and birds of prey to my elementary school. Scales 'N' Tails ruled.

"I'm a man-eater. And still you're surprised when I eat you."

I say it's about time somebody had the gumption to write a response song to Hall & Oates.

Watch out, freetzy, she'll chew you up.


My stress level is through the roof the next four days.

I just tried to purchase tix for the Phils' game tomorrow and all of the bandwagon-jumping opportunistic jerks took all of the seats, and now THIS opportunistic jerk has to pull strings to try to get free tickets (or heavily discounted ones). JERKS, I SAY.

Whoo-hoo, Zombie Pete Franklin clinches the #3 spot in the WoWie Beisbol Liga. We're #3! We're #3! We're #3!

I just realized that this is the first time in several seasons I didn't get to The Jake for at least one game. That kinda sucks.

Nah, the Phillies couldn't possibly blow the division.

(crosses fingers)

Of the three games I can watch on my TV, two of them are in a rain delay and the one that isn't is Mets at Nationals. Yeah...

Sanchez walks the bases loaded to start and the Braves lead 2-0 after one.
/tomahawk chop yall

So, it looks like day/night doubleheader tomorrow for Detroit and Minnesota. I SMELL LIVEGLOG.


2 games back.

As a phillies fan, may I add: GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!

Now I know what it's like to be a mets fan! Zing!

ha ha, I'm pathetic and so is my team and now I'm rambling.


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