Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, she'll be my mirror

Everyone play nice in the comment section while Weekday Daddy goes to the big boy baseball game. Be back here tomorrow, same WoW channel.

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IS Rob stalking Joba or is Joba stalking him?

I'll be your mirror.

Rob and Joba have a mutual stalkeration. At least that's my theory.

Remmy with the cancer could still give Halladay a run for his money!

I'm glogging the Twins/Tigers if you need some Meaningful Baseball in your life.

thank god (for the live glog)
Wakefield and the Revere Beach All Stars are putting me to sleep
Gathright, Reddick, and Kotchman - killa 1,2,3

Annnnnd the Tribe wins one for the Wedgie.

Lookin' pretty good for those phils...

Thanks to a walkoff grand slam in our nation's capital, the Mets just got swept by a 100-loss team. LOLMets strike again!

Sorry matt_t. Better luck next year?

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