Troy From West Virginia Finds a New Reliever to Stalk

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Hardcore Dodgers fans and YouTube sensation Troy from West Virginia has moved on from his obsession with Joe Beimel since Beimel is merely a former Dodgers reliever. Hit the bricks, buddy! Now, with the Dodgers recently visiting nearby Pittsburgh, Troy took the opportunity to stalk a brand new Dodgers reliever:

Gross! Maybe Troy is just upset we didn't ask him to do the Dodgers preview this year.

(via Diamond Notes)

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post jack!

Wedge out as Indians manager

everyone knows that empty Snapple bottles or anything else you can cap up make the best "spitters".

Free at last, free at last. Lawdy lawd, my team is free at last.

Lawdy lawd, my team is free at last.

Literally. I heard tickets at the Jake today were going for $0.00 a piece.

I really, really want to believe that the Troy from WV thing is a bit. I mean, as satire, it's an awesome character. I really, really want to believe it.

Low price at the Jake today is $3, Rob.

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