Uh, David Wright, This Is Going To Take Some Getting Used To

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I almost wish some other big league player had been the first to sport the new, more protective helmet because it's not really fair to make fun of someone who was recently injured.

But damn, seeing baseball players wear those ridiculously large helmets is going to take some getting used to. I just can't help but think they're are comical in size and appearance, not unlike Rangers pitcher Warner Madrigal.

(screencap purloined from Fightins blogger and Philly T-shirt magnate Meech)

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That helmet would have been perfect for Oscar Gamble's afro.


That's beyond anything I imagined. No wonder Rawlings chose not to show the helmet actually on someone's head, in the promotional stills and video. Speaking of Rawlings, I don't know why they should get any sort of tech credit here--that thing is so big, I'm shocked it can't stop mortar rounds.

Ryan Dempster wore one during an at bat during the Fox game last weekend. It obviously still looks ridiculous on him, but less so than it does on Wright.

David Eckstein, San Diego Padres: Neck strain from new helmet.

He looks like he should be on Mario Kart

Now I have the urge to watch Spaceballs.

"When will then be now?" "Soon."

+ 1 bc twins fan

Wright just wore it because Rawlings promised they'd fill it with ice cream after the game.

Now EVERY night is bobblehead night!

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