Weak-Willed Wedge Will Wait Out Weekend Watching Weary Workers

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As per Anthony Castrovince of MLB.com, the Cleveland Indians have informed Eric Wedge and his cast of merry coaches that they will not be retained for the 2010 season. They'll be shown the door after the Indians finish their awful season that may or may not end up in last place behind the miasmic Royals.

The Indians have a home doubleheader today with the White Sox and will then head to Fenway for a four-game set with the Red Sox. Perhaps Wedge and his staff were given a brief farewell tour as a sign of respect from Mark Shapiro and the higher-ups in the Cleveland organization. Most likely, though, it was a simple housecleaning that did not allow the team to find a replacement for a mere six game stretch.

Don't cry for Wedge, he'll still get paid over a million dollars next year to watch re-runs of "Mama's Family" and probably join fellow ex-manager Clint Hurdle on the airwaves, watching his former team improve vastly in his absence.

But most importantly, Liakos totally called this firing, which brings his preseason predictions to a perfect four-outta-four. Kudos, Kris!

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I can hear Chief Wahoo celebrating, all bow down to the oracle that is the cat shirt.

Catshirt is a witch/gypsy

A witypsy if you will

I am indeed pumped about this. A season too late, but I'll take it. All hail the catshirt!


Is Kris lighter than a duck?

Among the 39 full-time managers in Tribe history, Wedge ranks fifth in wins, third in losses and fourth in games managed.

Wow, that's just sad.

I wish I could borrow Kris for a day; I have about 150 people at work who need to go.


I got news for ya. Liakos has a price, and it ain't as expensive as you'd think.

Nice alliteration, Rob. But Wedge has been a dead man walking for almost two years now, so Liakos only gets half credit.

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