Weekend Questions

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Hey kids, ideas without action cost a dollar per brainwave.

Busy this weekend? No? Good. Get ready for some nationally televised games with meaning, folks. Tonight at 10PM it's Dodgers-Giants on the MLB Network, then a Dodgers-Giants tomorrow night at 9PM on the MLB Network and once again for the sake of completeness: Dodgers-Giants on Sunday at 4PM on TBS. That's enough baseball with teeth to satisfy your bloodthirst. Football is for fascists.

Drew has some stuff planned for you tomorrow; the rest of us will be back on Monday. Same WoW channel.

(tilt-shift photo of Fenway via Flickr user B-Tal)

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I'll be in the Bronx on Sunday watching the Yankees. Rob, you going?

have a good weekend.

Football is for fascists
Well, you're just a regular Giovanni Gentile, then.

Also, my dad used to take me to the Clark White Diamond when I was a kid. Run, don't walk.

The Giants are the only team in MLB with a winning record (10-8) when scoring exactly 3 runs.
They better fuken win.

Jeter broke Gerhig's record. Now he only has 909 more to go to pass Stan Musial.

For every annoying Cards fan I've ever met (approx 99%) The Colonel makes up for in quiet measured indignance. Good on ya Colonel.

Way too much happy in that beer last night. Screw the Cardinals.

In vino veritas.

Can I interest you in some Ozzie Smith cards, Kris?

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