Weekend Questions

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Hey kids, girls made of glass are broken so fast and no one cares

  • ISN'T Justin Morneau always taking it off the cheek or is it just me?

  • DO you have a free afternoon tomorrow and are you within an hour's drive of Citi Field? I have a spare ticket for the Mets-Nats game and would love to share it with you. I get to hold the popcorn box.

  • IS it just me or do you get the feeling that Minnesota fans are more excited about the Twins-Tigers weekend series than Detroit fans? Just askin'.

  • DON'T you feel bad for the Braves? They have the third best record in the NL since the All Star break but the two better teams are the ones they're chasing, the Rockies and tonight's Hotlanta opponent, the Phillies. Oh, play something hilarious for Brad Lidge, Mr. Kaminski!

  • CAN the Dodgers move to 30 games above .500 for the first time since 1985, or since Tommy Lasorda was just a lecherous old man and not a creepy octogenarian pervert who haunts my nightmares and has one foot in the grave and one on a banana peel?

Unless you have your head up Brian Roberts' ass, you are well aware that the regular season is winding down. Savor it. Within two weeks, there will only be eight teams playing ball. Heed my words, Padres fans. You may think the games are not worth watching, but you'll miss them come November.

Tomorrow night: Angels/Rangers on MLB Network. Sunday afternoon: Angels/Rangers on TBS. Sunday night: Cubs/Cardinals on ESPN. Have a little faith in baseball. Back Monday, same WoW channel.

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IF Lidge is summoned from the pen, I don't think anyone would object to "Send in the Clowns."

I'd be excited about this weekend's series if I wasn't filled with this overwhelming sense of dread.

I feel the same way, except I feel a sense of optimism instead of dread

I have quite the day ahead of me tomorrow. I am going go to the new Gopher football stadium and watch them play Cal at 11:00 am and after that I am going to walk/stagger my way the 2 miles or so up to the metrodome to watch the Twins take on the Tigers at 3:00. All of this while enjoying the scenery of college co-eds. Oh yeah, it's supposed to be sunny and in the 80's.

Special thanks go out to Kelly Johnson, Jordan Schafer, and last and most definitely least Jeff 'Frenchy' Francoeur for that first half of the season that put the team in the hole they're in.

@BC: It's a shame that you're married. Especially for your wife.

Sunday's game should be great. Wainwright vs. Zambrano. mmmmm...duel-y.

Lidge's song should be this


If I didn't like looking at good looking girls I would have never spotted her.

@bc: She was standing next to a good looking girl?
(I keed!)

I Rob finds a ballgame buddy, else he gets stuck again with Ron Swaboda's naturopath.

If TV has taught me anything, then there should be a fat guy in Queens with a hot wife that would love to go to the Mets game.

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