Weekend Questions

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Hey kids, you live and learn. At any rate, you live.

I'm headed out to Yankee Stadium to see the big pitching matchup of Jon Lester and CC Sabathia, truly an occasion of Walkoff Walk kismet because of my bet with Catshirt. Of course, Joe Girardi had to mess with the Yankees rotation and push Sabathia back a day which means I'm stuck witnessing a Joba Chamberlain start in person for the sixth time this year.

The bet still stands, even though Sabathia's turn won't come until tomorrow. In ERA+, Lester leads 142 to 135; with a bad start by the Sox ace tonight in a pitchers park, I'll have a fighting chance.

Enjoy your weekend, all, and get excited to see some Weekend Daddy Drew Fairservice brilliance and some more Oktoberfest playoff posts. Speaking of which, if anyone out there is an Angels fan or knows an Angels fan, lemme know. See you Monday, same WoW channel.

(video via mnftiu.cc)

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Hopefully the answer to the second questions is very hard, so that first question comes true.


If anyone knows anything about the raping and pillaging of innocent natives, it's definitely some descendants of vikings marauders.

Surprisingly cool version of that song, proving that a great song is great no matter how it is sung.

however, I still prefer the original.


Go Yankees, I'm sure the jamooks will be out in full force tonight.

Surprisingly cool version of that song, proving that a great song is great no matter how it is sung.

however, I still prefer the original.


Go Yankees, I'm sure the jamooks will be out in full force tonight.

I'm sure Guy Clark will be out with the jamooks tonight.

Now here's what I want to know: Have they covered "Raining Blood" yet?

Or "Blood and Thunder?"

Perhaps they can dive further into the Iron Maiden catalog.

"six...six six... the number of the beast..."

The kids wearing Iron Maiden gear in high school were creepy dudes.

I'd be interested in hearing them do a mouth-guitar cover of the solo in "Ride The Lightning"

They covered Paranoid, and the video made my soul die a little inside. I think I need a hug.

Sorry, "made my soul die a little inside" made no sense. I told you, that video has me whacked out.

Bring back Ukelele Girl!

Two things of note:

1) Any of you east coast jerkoffs know about appalachian brewing co. or brooklyn brewery? I am in a beer of the month club and got some of their brews.

2) From Tim Kawakami: The A's have scored 724 runs. The offensive eruption has mostly been done since the July 24 trade of Holliday and the Aug. 7 release of Giambi. Chavez never really was there for the A’s, again, this year.

I just went back to July 24, the day Holliday was moved to the Cardinals (for no immediately offensive help).

At that point, the A’s were 40-55, and were averaging 4.35 runs per game.

Since the departure of Holliday, the A’s have gone 33-25 (REALLY), and scored 310 runs, a Yankees-like average of 5.35 runs per game.

I’m here to note it. I can’t really explain it. No stats really pop out, other than the stolen base total, which is of course not a usual A’s/Billy Beane staple.

Welp, got the Red Sox-Yankees game on the television set. THE HUNT FOR THE IRACANE IS ON

@ Fartie, Broklyn Lager is a very good beer, can't speak to their other brews, you're on your own w/ Appalachia - if they're smart they try to mimmick Yuengling, but I doubt it!

oh shit - Lester's down, BAD NEWS BEARS

I got Brooklyn Lager and Brooklyn Oktoberfest. I will let you know if I agree, Kiefer.

I seem to recall their Oktober being too pumpkinee - but I fuss

Brooklyn Lager = me likey

Michael Kay actually said Joba "has been perfect through three" tonight...AND mentioned Joba's pitch count during the bottom of the third inning. Victor Martinez breaking up the perfect game, the no-hitter, and the shutout in one swing = eat it, you big oaf

Brooklyn Lager is delicious.
I got some Dogfish Head Punkin and Flying Dog Gonzo Imperial Stout

Heidi Watney (rolls rrrrrs) says Lester's fine - quad contusion

I am savoring HAAAA-Poon OctobAAAH as we speak, but am jealous of this club yous speaks of - details?

If you're hunting for Iracane keep your eyes on the UTZ.

Seriously, dude loves chips. He'll steal them from right under your nose.

Roy Halladay complete game shutout. HO FUCKING HUM.

My birfday was in July - My in-laws got me a year subscription to Netflix and a beer-of-the-month club. Every month, I get a shipment of 12 beers. 2 different breweries, two different beers from each brewery. 3 of each beer. So I got 6 Brooklyn Brewery beers (3 each of lager and octoberfest) and 6 from appalachian brewing company (3 each of trail blaze organic brown ale and mountain lager. I think they found it through amazingclubs.com?

If your looking for Rob look for an Italian kid in a green Yankee hat.

If you're looking for iracane, look for the dickhead on the Deegan in traffic.

Welp, I got that bad Lester start I needed. Ball's in your court tomorrow, fat boy.

Leave me out of this Rob.

A's rule painkillers beers

This guy on Man vs. Food is going to die very soon.

@GorgeForeman: a HERO. You forget to add "he's going to die a hero very soon".

I enjoy the Brooklyn Pennant Ale, btw.

We love him in our house. I'm just concerned, that's all. He can't keep doing this to himself. He is a hero, MDT.

Brooklyn lager is excellent. The brewery is in Williamsburg and they do great block parties there in the summer.

I'll never forget the day the Brooklyn Brewery guy left a comment on WoW. And I'll never forget the day that Jon Lester and CC Sabathia were tied with a 134 ERA+ because the Yankees buttraped that loser the night before.

"five runs and eight hits in 2 1/3," hell, Melkey did us a favor

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