Which MLB on TBS Employee Will Have the Most Followers?

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Good news for fans of baseball playoff games on basic cable and social media alike: the TBS studio team will be live-tweeting their biting commentary and brilliant analysis during the postseason this October. Haven't you always wanted to know the most intimate thoughts of Dennis Eckersley and Craig Sager? I know I have, by golly.

So which TBS employee has the most followers so far?

Well the NBA guys like Sager and Johnson have a step up on the naif baseball folks because they joined way back in April and had their Twitter handles splashed across the screen during the painful 6-month-long NBA playoffs. So let's take them out of the equation. For now, Eckersley is way ahead of his compatriots because (a) he joined in August (b) Red Sox fans will follow anyone with a shred of a connection to the team and (c) he's the most likely to melt down and curse on Twitter.

That leaves Caray, Darling, Martinez, Ripken and Wells. Which one of these dudes will collect the most followers by the time the playoff coverage on TBS finishes? Who is going to spew the best witticisms and write the most interesting tweets? I've got my money on David Wells who has never shied away from being a bloviating blowhard.

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They'll be able to live Tweet the game while TBS is showing The Steve Harvey Show for some reason.

Eck is going to start out tweeting at the beginning of the games, but later in the playoffs only tweet in the 9th inning.

Cal is going to tweet at least once at the start of every game of the playoffs.

RT @MLBonTBSBuck I truly hate Tyler Perry, but not in the racist way. WHAT A GAME TODAY, NO?

Looks like The Fightins' own Meech is now following these dudes to get some choice quotes during the NLDS.

And all Chip's tweets are going to do is remind us how much we miss his dad and grandfather.

TV folks are really boring on Twitter. I won't follow 'em.

Actually, the only baseball personality on television that I follow on the Twitter is Trenni Kusnierek, because she is honest with her tweets.

Also, I am stalking her and want to put her in a big jar in my basement and be born into new worlds where her flesh is the key.

I'm following @RoundMoundOfRebound preemptively, just in case.

The problem with Twitter accounts that all begin with "MLBonTBS" or whatever is you know the corporate overlords will make sure there won't be anything all that interesting on it. Yawn.

You know what might make the MLBonTBS twitter feeds more fun? Give the producers accounts and let them divulge whatever they want. Like maybe how many times Buck Martinez farted during the top of the fifth inning or something.

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