You There! Spend Your Lunch Break Listening to Three Guys Yak

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Kris, Drew, and I had ourselves a good old-fashioned Walkoff Walk Furious Five radio show last night. It was good enough that I am ordering you to skip your normal trip to Arby's and asking you to have Suzie from the secretary pool order you a ham-and-swiss on rye. You'll be spending your lunch break at your desk listening to our podcast.

We chit-chatted about Ichiro and Wild Card races and even made baseless steroid accusations against Manny Ramirez and Carol Channing. Here, I'll even embed the listening device so you don't even have to click through to another page:

For once, the intro music was played to completion and yet my Warren Zevon selection of the week was faulty. You'll have to go out and find your own copy of Zevon covering "That's Amore".

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I wish I had a secretary pool. Instead, I have a beefy, disengaged assistant who I will be terminating within a couple of weeks.


TICK TOCK, Colonel.

Ouch. Poor The Colonel never saw it coming...

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