Awesome NBC World Series Intro Video - 1982

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The 1982 World Series featured the Brewers and the Cardinals, back before the two teams shared a division. But more importantly, the 1982 World Series feature awesome laser graphics and a neat disco-dancin' intro, before ABC decided to tone down the Studio 54 a bit in 1983 and play some real snoozy music. Zzzzz.

And hey, an advertisement for Colecovision and a young Dick Enberg. Oh my!

BONUS UNEMBEDDABLE VIDEO: Babe Ruth plays the field, eight whole seconds worth, the only known footage of Ruth playing defense and accumulating a huge negative UZR.

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I had Colecovision back in 1982. I'm old.

My wife was born in 1982

Len Strucker could direct the shit out of technicalities.

Funny BCTF, knowing she married you I could only assume she was born yesterday.


What, no "whocka chicka" electric guitar? I'm disappointed.

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