Baseball at the 1956 Olympics: an Exhibition Game

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With the 2016 Summer OIympic Games being awarded to sunny Rio de Janeiro and not our own Chicago, the chances that the world's greatest sport returns to the quadrennial quagmire is significantly lessened. Sorry, Cubs fans. There will be no equestrian events at Wrigley Field in the near future. But baseball once had a tough uphill climb to ever be part of the Olympics; it wasn't until 1992 that it was an official, medal-worthy sport and even had a few chances as an exhibition prior to that.

One of those years was 1956 when the Olympics were held in Melbourne, Australia. Below is a short highlight reel of the single exhibition game between a select group of Australian players and some American G.I.'s stationed in the Far East.

The Americans won 11-5 in a game that lasted six innings. According to Olympic baseball historian Pete Cava, the crowd started small but reached 114,000 fans strong by the end of the game. This is believed to be the largest crowd to ever witness a baseball game, or about the same number of folks who attended Marlins games in Miami this year.

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The game ended when it was revealed that one of the Aussies had corked his didgeridoo.

The australians also don't seem to have changed their baseball uniforms much in the last 50 years.


The Aussies really took it in the freckle.

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