Brad Lidge to Dinger: "Run, You F***ing Dinosaur, Run!"

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Matt P over at the 700 Level takes umbrage with Dinger, the nightmarish purple triceratops-cum-Rockies mascot, for standing directly in the line of the pitcher's eye as the Phillies attempted to close out the ninth inning against Colorado on Monday night. In an attempt to distract the relievers, "Dinger" would wave his hands and spin his ridiculously oversized head as if he were a Duke undergrad trying to prevent Tyler Hansbrough from making a free throw.

But really, if Dinger wanted to distract Brad Lidge, he would hold up Affliction t-shirts and Papa Roach concert tickets. Go read Matt P's screed.

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if Dinger wanted to distract Brad Lidge, he would hold up a Cardinals jersey. A Puljols one to be exact.

Dinger's puerile antics are a disgrace to the game. He could learn something from the class and dignity displayed the Phillie Phanatic.

Dinger, you're out. Denver, you're in. Do us proud.

The Phanatic would have merely rubbed his enormous green grundle on Jim Tracy's head, is that so bad?

Slider once touched me in my no-no place.

I made a similar comment during the liveglog, albeit with less eloquence and intellect. I didn't pursue the point because I didn't want to be the arrogant Phillies fan who reminds everyone that the Rockies and their fans just don't know what they're doing out there. But I think we can all agree now that the world is a better place with the Rox out of the playoffs.

Forget about dinger, peekabo Arod would scare the shit out of me there in the corner

He's there every B9. He's awful but I never seen or heard a player complain about him.

Frankly, an ad encouraging athletes to play drug free would probably distract players way more than than a mascot.

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