Brad Lidge Wants to Put You Behind The Wheel of a Japanese Car

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Sure, you could buy a Nissan and get a Brad Lidge-autographed baseball, but is it worth the risk? The car would run perfectly well for a full year and then immediately explode in flames once the one-year warranty ended.

(via Dmac's Philadelphia Will Do from which I will steal all our content today)

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I'm still trying to pay off my Eric Gagne Toyota, that piece of crap.

To be fair, most Nissans explode after 12 months. But I'd still take a 370 Z off their hands.

So would the Justin Morneau Honda be given a consumer's digest best buy award that by all accounts should've gone to the Derek Jeter Ford?

Joe Morgan Honda will beat any advertised price, as long as that price doesn't have anything to do with numbers and expresses the vehicle's value in grit and determination.

The Trevor Hoffman Hyundai works great, but it can't go faster than 80 mph.

Buy American!!!
I am just kidding. My father in law would stick a pitch fork up my ass if read this but buying a Honda or Toyota that's made in America makes a lot more sense. I have not read about those two companies going to our government and asking for hand outs. Their employees actually get their paychecks rather than a good chunk of the money going to corrupt unions that no longer have the needs of the working in mind.

I had to trade my Bentley to a guy from Philadelphia for a couple rusted out Yugos. Lease was up soon anyway and I couldn't afford to keep it.

In all seriousness, didn't Toyota pass GM in worldwide sales recently?

The Armando Benitez Kia stalls in the driveway on the really important days.

We rented a Kia Rio when we were in No Cal this summer because it was the cheapest thing they had and their was just two of us. WORST CAR EVER. Never buy a Kia.

The Timmy Mini zips passed everyone. BEEP BEEP!

Brad Lidge is the Ford Pinto of relief pitchers. btw, my owned a Hyundai Santa Fe for a while and it was a surprisingly good car.

The Mariano Rivera Toyota only has one gear, but that gear is more than capable of handling highway speeds.

The Trevor Hoffman Hyundai also can't make up it's mind if it'll leave the garage every day, and will only park in your driveway.

During the regular season, that Brad Lidge promotion was "Buy a Nissan and we'll take any Brad Lidge merchandise you have off your hands."

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