Bud, Listen to the Black Void Where Your Heart Should Be

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dtrt.jpgAs I'm sure your houseboy informed you by now Bud, the Phillies dispensed with the Dodgers last night to qualify for the World Series. With the playoff schedule as currently constructed, they won't play again for one full week. The New York Yankees take the field tonight with a chance to secure their spot in the Fall Classic. If they do Bud, you must step in. You must move up the start f the World Series.

I know that you're beholden to the TV networks in a serious way. I know Joe Buck is our unholy Lord and master, drinking the blood of the non-believers. I get that Bud. But you, only you in all your bumbling glory, have the power to step in. To do right by the fans &mdash and most importantly the game you love for the bountiful riches it provides you &mdash and move the game up to within two days of the close of the final LCS.

Not only will you help avoid November baseball between two Northeastern teams, you will help preserve the quality of the on-field action. Not only would the chance of snow be lessened by a good 5%*, you would take strides to improve the credibility of your post season.

There are people in this world that view the baseball season as a marathon. A 162 game grind that separates the wheat from the chaff via attrition as much as performance. By adding so many off days between games, you tip the scales in favor of teams with front-heavy rotations (i.e. Yankees, Phillies), allowing them to continually get their top guys set up to start the series. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for best-on-best battles for all the marbles, but this goes against the entire nature of a baseball season.

By moving up the games, you could maintain the valuable momentum gained by having your event at the top of the sportscast. Move the series up the the weekend, or to Monday night. Afraid of football? Anyone who'd rather watch the Redskins over the World Series probably wasn't going to tune in anyway.

Just do it Bud. Throw a bone to the fans of your fair product game. Move the games up in spite of the networks protestations. You don't even have to air them during the day or afternoon when people might watch them. Just spare us the week long analysis of excruciating minutiae.

* - this number was absolutely generated out of thin air

The stolen Image is a Cara Mitchell joint.

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Bud is not only beholden to TV networks, he's beholden to ticketholders in Philadelphia and the people who need to organize events in massive stadiums. Maybe next year they can put in some sort of mechanism to move playoff dates around, but with the amount of $$$ involved in a WORLD SERIES game (for both the corporate interests and fan interests!) it's impossible to do this year.

I agree from the TV standpoint, but people have to schedule vacation and if they travel, moving the games around would completely screw the fans of the teams playing in the series.

From a fan's perspective, I completely agree. But coming from someone who works in the broadcast field, it's simply not feasible for '09. The sheer amount of bodies and equipment that it takes to properly broadcast an event of this magnitude can't just be moved up 3 or 4 days. Travel schedules are set, hotels are booked, and network programming is locked in.

Travel schedules are set, but it isn't as if anyone knew WHERE they were travelling. The whole production is still a moving target.

There is sometimes a two week break before the Super Bowl, and sometimes a 32 month break between the conference championships and NBA Finals. What's a five day break in the end for baseball mean? Nothing.

The WS is not like the Super Bowl, there isn't a predetermined location. You could easily move up the times of the games. I don't think there would be any conflict in moving anything. There are already two tentative games scheduled in New York this weekend that won't happen if the Yankees win tonight.

If anyone already scheduled vacation they need to get hit in the head with a tack hammer.

If anyone already scheduled vacation they need to get hit in the head with a tack hammer.

I'll be sure to tell my sister to do that when she finds out that she needs to find a new babysitter because her Game Four tickets are now for a Friday night and not a Sunday.

Game four would be in Philly

Other than dates, nothing is planned. It would be easy for MLB to advertise a range of dates by saying game 1 would start between 10/23 and 10/28.

"It doesn't take much to see that the problems of three little people don't amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world."


It takes at least four days to set up and calibrate PitchTRAX.

My sister lives in Philly and is a Phillies fan.

I see. So less than 12 hours after they clinched the LCS she has concrete plans that can't be changed?

I realize that lamenting the plight of the networks won't get me very far on this site, but these games are sold WELL in advance with advertisers planning specific marketing campaigns with fairly rigid flight dates. Many have promotions based entirely around their sponsorship of the World Series. Additionally, programming lineups on all networks are based around the airdates of these games.

In terms of a series going fewer than 7 games, it's a lot easier to cancel hotels/flights/crew assignments than it is to create new ones.

At the very least the games should start at 7 PM.

Rob, you have a sister that is a Phillies fan, and yet you acknowledge the fact she is still your sister?

When did we as fans start caring about ratings, advertisers and network affiliations more than the game itself?


Everybody will have to pull out their parkas for this WS.
How about next year: start the season earlier. The excuse used this year was the World Championship Classic or whateverthefuck pushed opening day up. But opening day next year is only one day sooner than '09. I say get rid of some of the exhibition season and start earlier.
Or play a few doubleheaders (remember those?).

I can't speak for Rob but having a sibling cheer for another team* is better than that sibling not caring about baseball at all. My brother is a Brewers fan because he has lived in Milwaukee for so long and goes to a bunch of games each year. He was never a big baseball fan before he moved there so it's nice to be able to talk to him about baseball.

*unless it's the fucking White Sox

The important question remains: we having a Survivor liveglog tonight?

I appreciate your input NJPARS-One, I certainly didn't consider all the angles when I crafted this opus. I just don't want to wait a full week for baseball to start again.

That said, I'm sure George Lopez and the Family Guy will survive their promo campaign launching a few days before sweeps.

Me = Phillies fan

My sister = Mets fan

Yeah, that ain't so easy. But we manage. Also, this idea is based on a completely non-existent conceit: that Bud Selig actually gives the tiniest of shits what the fans want.

Let's hope for an Angels win tonight and Saturday to we won't have to worry about it.

Your sister will have some real conflicts if we get a Phillies/Yankees WS


I'd sacrifice animals if it got the Angels to the series.

Not that I'm pro network by any means, but no ads means no broadcast of the game, and like Nick said, the advertisers have set up plans on when the ads will launch and if the ads air before the product is available you've got an issue.

no matter what, 5 days without baseball sucks

Forget it, Drew. It's Seligtown.

As for myself, I'm really looking forward to four or five days of news reports featuring players in parkas goofing off and taking infield practice in their mittens. Because that's the stuff that really keeps me engaged in the whole playoff tournament.

I'm pretty sure that last year, I never really got back into the playoffs after the gap between the LCS and the WS.

Rob, does this mean you're babysitting!?
And yes, you are correct. I've had World Series Game 4 tickets in hand for almost a month now, and the date Nov 1 clearly marked on my calendar. Were the game to be moved up, I'd be pretty pissed.

@Rob's Sister
I have had WS tickets games 1,2,6, and 7 in 2004, 2006, 2008 and 2009 and have yet to use any of them because The Twins did not make it there. I usually mark those dates in a very light pencil.

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