Everything Exciting In Marcus Giles' Life Happens on the Highway

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Baseball runs in the Giles family. So, allegedly, does that other great American pastime of spouse-smacking. Young Marcus emulated older brother Brian by allegedly assaulting his wife; he was arrested yesterday for domestic battery and taken into custody. But the act itself isn't quite as interesting as the venue:

El Cajon Police Acting Lt. Fenton Sue said officers were called to eastbound Interstate 8 at Greenfield Drive at 3:20 a.m. by the California Highway Patrol. The CHP officers were with Giles, 31, and his wife Tracy, 30, who were in a vehicle parked on the shoulder of the freeway , Sue said.

Giles' wife told officers she was making a citizen's arrest on her husband for battery, Sue said. The incident happened near the intersection of I-8 and state Route 67, Sue said.

Arrested on the shoulder of a highway! Classy! It seems like every wacky occurrence in Marcus Giles life happens on the road. He's like Jack Kerouac, but a total and complete dullard. Recall this incident last April when Giles was offered a minor league deal by the infielder-thirsty Los Angeles Dodgers. Yes, I am going to blockquote myself:

Giles accepted, got in his car, and started driving towards the triple-A affiliate in Las Vegas. Somewhere along the line, though, he changed his mind, turned around, and went home. Why? Maybe he has a gambling problem and knew being in Las Vegas was too risky. Maybe he realized his fear of Larry Bowa. Or maybe he doesn't want to end up sleeping with Alyssa Milano.

Zing! Alyssa Milano jokes are always relevant.

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The domestic abusing apple doesn't fall far from the tree

At least the bros know what to get each other for Christmas:

Brian and Marcus are like Mario and Luigi, but instead of beating up on turtles they beat their girlfriends.

He did it while driving? Even Miggy Cabrera thinks that's gangsta.

Speaking of domestic abuse, I heard my neighbors have a nasty spat at 6AM this morning, which is bizarre, because the walls are thick and I've never heard them once in the 1+ year I've lived there. Condo living!

Phrases I heard being thrown around: "fuck you" "your fucking father" "your fucking mother" "that fucking football game".

Speaking of bro-fights, I saw a full-on bar fight between like, six firemen at the Astoria Beer Garden last night. It was awesome.

Later on in the night, one of the drunken fire-bros picked up a barstool like he was gonna throw it at someone. The security guard sort of meandered over and started to say something. The dude with the stool interrupted him, "Hold on, I'm in the middle of something." And then he threw the barstool across the bar.

The security guard wandered off into the night, never to be seen again.

Rob lives next door to one of Bill Belicheck's mistresses

A 6AM fight is the sign of some serious dysfunction. That means you WOKE UP pissed off, which a rare feat. And it sounds like they weren't even arguing about some early-morning nonsense, but rather long-harbored resentments about their fucking families and those fucking football games. Impressive.

@matt_T, my neighbor's name is Luigi, his brothers name I shit you not is Mario,

Are they plumbers?

Phrases I heard being thrown around: "fuck you" "your fucking father" "your fucking mother" "that fucking football game".

This is why you should never play in a fantasy football league with your wife or girlfriend. Be careful Rob.

no matt_T, but one of them has a mustache.

2 can play at that meme
(caution: language ahoy)

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