Get Ready To Get Sick Of George Lopez

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lopeztonight.jpg Once again, TBS is televising some of MLB's postseason; this year, TBS has all four divisional series and the NLCS. During the past two postseasons, you may remember, every commercial break had at least one (and sometimes as many as 15) promos for Frank TV, the since-canceled sketch comedy show also airing on TBS. There were so many promos for the show that the Frank TV promos started commenting on the number of Frank TV promos.

This postseason, you won't be annoyed by Frank Caliendo. Now, you might think you'll only be annoyed this postseason by Joe Buck, Tim McCarver, Derek Jeter, Billy Wagner, Buck Martinez, Victor Martinez, Tony LaRussa, Vicente Padilla, Jon Corzine and Chris Christie (if you're in New Jersey), the Los Angeles Times sports department, the Baseball Tonight crew and whatever other baseball players you happen to hate personally. But you'll also have to deal with George Lopez. He has a new talk show on TBS, Lopez Tonight, and I'm sure we won't hear the end of it this postseason.

I have nothing against Lopez. I don't know much about him, but he hates Carlos Mencia and was the Choice Comedian at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards1, so how bad could he be? But I've already seen about 50 promos for his show -- including one with Barack Obama, inexplicably -- and I am positive we are going to see plenty of them during the baseball playoffs.

There are only two words to describe this: Very funny.

1 The Choice Celebrity Pet was Bo, the Obamas' Portuguese water dog. Cat Stairs was robbed!

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televising some of MLB's postseason

With a possible 27 games to Fox's 14, we're past the point of "some." And just think- 2 years ago, when they acquired the MLB rights, TBS scrambled to launch their HD channel in time for the playoffs. If memmory serves, they flipped the switch only hours before the first-pitch of the Phillies/Rockies game.

Memory, mammary, same thing.

Needs more My Boys

It looks like the city of Chicago took a cue from the Cubs and was eliminated from the Olympics in the first round.


+1 BC Twins fan

Shit I can't believe I just did that.

he hates Carlos Mencia

The enemy of my enemy is merely my frenemy.

"was the Choice Comedian at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards"

That's when Rob first fell in love with him.

but he hates Carlos Mencia

In other words, he's seen Mencia perform.

"but he hates Carlos Mencia"

And yet, if you've ever seen him perform, he's just as stereotypical.


Emily Gould got away with that word because she was a chick, and liked to post scantily clad pics of herself online. What's your excuse, Iracane?

Emily Gould? Any relation to Robbie?

I would read a book of Robbie Gould's before I read Emily Gould's book.

I'd watch "Joe Gould's Secret" before I read Emily Gould's book.

I did watch Joe Gould's Secret based on Chief's recommendation and it was gold.

Emily Gould

Gulden's Mustard

Col. Mustard

Miss Scarlett

Scarlett Johanssen


Carlos Mencia

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