In Which We Welcome New Blood to Walkoff Walk Weekends

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Starting tomorrow, J from 3:10 to Joba will be taking over the role of Walkoff Walk weekend editor from Drew Fairservice. Please welcome him with the same courtesy that you have shown Drew for the past year and a half, and not the same childish teasing that you show me when I screw up. 310toJoba (as he will be known from here on in) is another dago Yankees fan but he's a sensible one and will not let his fandom interfere with providing you with fair coverage of all 30 teams (except the Mets, of course). He's going to add in his own brand of analysis and humor and will stay on board with us from here on out.

Don't worry though, Drew isn't going anywhere. Seriously, we've got him tied up in the supply closet of the WoW offices with Intern Darren monitoring him 24 hours a day. He'll stay on board in his current role of contributing smart and funny pieces to WoW and generally making the rest of us look dumb in comparison. I want to thank him for the months of service he put in on the weekends while the rest of us were off wine shopping or sampling heirloom pomegranates. Kudos, Drew! You are truly an asset to baseball and the human condition!

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Those people are totally watching two ducks do it. Oh, and welcome to 310. Drew, you can finally enjoy your pomegranates, and at a pace of your choosing.

The next logical step was an Orioles or Rays fan. Since, those either can't write or don't exist, welcome to 310toJoba.

Drew, don't go too far.

Shoulda been you, J Mascis.

Welcome 310
when in doubt, post pictures of babies in animal costumes.

Or do like Drew, have a baby and then put it in a lobster costume.

Welcome, 310. When in doubt, take screenshots from movies about baseball-playing dogs, make pot jokes, make fun of announcers or mine Rob Dibble's t-shirt store. All of it leads to comedy gold.

Don't double comment either

Don't double comment either

Sunday in the park with Gorge?

Oh, and also: Most bloggers are horrid at Photoshop. Get even passable with it, like me, and people will think of you as a god among men.


Nah, not really. Welcome to the party, 310.

What's this "Photography Shoppe" you speak of?


Bienvenido, 310. Does your handle reference Western movies, or the fact that it'll take 3 hrs and 10 minutes to reach the 7th inning each game?

Rob, you fool, if you were looking another weekend dude, you should have held auditions America's Next Top Model-style. Then NOBODY wins.

Seriously, welcome 310. I look forward to reading your columns a full 12-18 hours after you post them.

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