Japanese Legend Brings Eastern Intrigue, Video Game Addiction

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ichiro1.jpgIt is safe to say Ichiro isn't like most professional baseball players. While his overt weirdness on the field and his cryptic strangeness during the press scrum set him apart from his straight-laced teammates, his choice of video games is weird enough that even Dmac has no clue what he's talking about.

In a Japanese interview he gave (cribbed by Kotaku) Ichiro expressed a great debt to insanely popular and so-Japanese-it's-scary video game Dragon Quest. Ichiro claims to do nothing but play Dragon Quest when healing from injuries. Which is a shame, as I would totally pwn him at Halo 3.

This isn't the first time Ichiro referenced the Japanese role playing game. During the most-recent edition of the World Baseball Classic, Ichiro drew parallels between the tension and pressure of a team progressing through an elimination tournament and his character growing stronger with every equivalent spin of the virtual twelve-sided die in Dragon Quest.

Want more proof Ichiro won't surrendering his Playstation Network username for Mike Carp's Madden '10 league any time soon? Check out his shirt from the Japanse video linked above:


It takes a certain type of man to wear a button down, collared shirt that doubles as a hoody! I'm going to go out on a limb and assume the average "Interests: hunting, fishing," baseball player doesn't have one of those in his clubhouse locker. Jeez. Can't Ryan Braun spraypaint a cow's skull or a naked manbearpig or something else wacky onto that shirt to make it more MLBPA friendly?

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