LCS Day Eight: They're Down, They're Up, They're Down Again

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Well friends, that was anticlimactic. Except for, you know, the many peaks and valleys that lead to a quite enjoyable climax by baseball game standards. Today is the first time that I, as a co-proprietor of a semi-popular baseball blog, have to reconcile the fact that my favorite team blew a chance at clinching the pennant with the fact that there are millions of folks out there who derived an amount of joy that is equal in magnitude to my own misery. A great game? Sure. A game that tore the heart straight out of my chest? Absolutely.

I saw a 4-0 deficit turn into a 6-4 lead and turn back into a 7-6 deficit. Others saw a 4-0 lead turn into the deficit back into a lead. There is no more difficult task as a fan than to praise your opponent, but I have to point out that Angels catcher Jeff Mathis was the sparkplug for yet another Angels rally; his leadoff single in the seventh started the switch from 6-4 to 7-6 and turned me from a happy boy to a sobbing mess on my living room floor.

Lots of folks are second guessing Joe Girardi's moves (or lack thereof) that led to the seventh-inning pitching fiasco, and rightfully so. He's a postseason naif. I'm right on board with that criticism but, on the same hand, I forgive him his trespasses as well as the sins of the pitchers who put fastballs right down the happy track to be knocked around like wiffle balls.

Still, one fact cannot be ignored: the Yankees took a road trip to California and took the one game they absolutely, positively needed to win. They're coming home with two more chances to join the Phillies in the chilly World Series, and have one enormous ace looming up their billowy sleeves. I have faith; I just need the Yankees to control the peaks and valleys so I can control my emotions and stay off the floor.

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I haven't been this sick to my stomach over a loss in a long time. Is there anyway Nick Swisher can get the swine flu for the rest of the post season and what happened to the Phil Hughes from the regular season? Still up 3-2, but I have an uneasy feeling about this.

Also, I knew not scoring in the first inning would come back to haunt them last night.

A great game? Sure. A game that tore the heart straight out of my chest? Absolutely.

Any time I read someone answer their own question I am forced to read the rest of the post as Robert Evans. Damn that Big Daddy Balls!

A-rod just realized that he left the iron on

Jeter: "You didn't take out the trash today, did you?!"

But if the Yankees clinch on Saturday, then North America will have to go THREE WHOLE DAYS without baseball!

I kid, Drew.

THREE WHOLE DAYS? Eddie Guardado and I do not approve.

Jeter: "No, dumbass, you don't actually blow on it".

The Angels have real pitching issues at this point, and I'm guessing NY goes ballistic on them Saturday.

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