LCS Day Three: The Three Most Important People

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Well now, what isn't there to say about last night's only ballgame? Emotions for all parties involved likely ranged from, "holy hell I just want to grab my blankie and go to sleep" to sheer elation mixed with a taste of surprisingly inedible pie. Either way, the Yankees found themselves embroiled in yet another dramatic postseason game this season, and once again they emerged victorious. The victory puts them up 2-0 in the series as they head to Anaheim, where hopefully the weather is warmer and the rain is less rainy. But in this lengthy Game 2 battle between the two teams with the best records in baseball, who was really most important? Let's find out!

  • Alex Rodriguez: What are you thinking, A-Rod? The fans are never going to hate you if you keep doing things to help your team win! What's that? Oh, you don't want them to hate you? I see. In that case, just keep doing what you're doing. Rodriguez continued his transformation from "unclutch" pariah to veritable demigod in this postseason as he bashed a game-tying homer in the bottom of the 11th to keep to tie the game after New York had fallen behind by a score of 3-2. Rodriguez' opposite field dinger kept his team alive for the 13th inning heroics and it was the single most important play in the entire game according to WPA and the nerds. My own homemade metrics confirm this homer as adding the most pants-tightening to the game. Really all A-Rod needed to make his night complete was some more plastic monster!

  • Macier Izturis: Izturis continued what has to be a disturbing trend for the "fundamentally sound" team from Anaheim. His horrendous error in the 13th allowed the Yankees to grab the game and a big 2-0 series lead. As we said yester-morn, the Angels defense has been quite embarrassing so far and they didn't help their cause by adding two more total errors last night. In that sense, Izturis is really just part of a much greater problem, but I already used the "Angels defense" on one of these lists, and Izturis made the error that had the most immediate impact on the outcome of the game, so he gets the nod to be on this meaningful listicle.

  • Jerry Hariston Jr.: Rob's resident object of adoration had never had a plate appearance in a postseason game in his 10+year career until earlier this morning. Hariston roped a single for a hit in the 13th and as a result now has a better postseason batting average than Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, Johnny Damon, Mickey Mantle, you, me, and everyone in between. However, since it's not the hit itself, but rather how you use it, Hariston makes this list because he scored the game winning run on the aforementioned Izturis error and got the celebratory pie afterwards. That's quite a busy day. Oh and I'm told that if you heard screaming last night that you shouldn't worry, it was just the Iracane household.

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