Let's Fist Out Some Quick and Dirty Playoff Predictions

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Without too much pomp or circumstance, let's jump headfirst into some poorly-formed playoff predictions that have little basis in reality, because in a short series ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN. It's true, even the Royals once won a World Series. Yeah, crazy thought, right?

Dan "Dmac" McQuade:

  • LDS: Red Sox over Angels in 3, Yankees over Twins in 4, Phillies over Rockies in 3, Dodgers over Cardinals in 5
  • LCS: Yankees over Red Sox in 5, Phillies over Dodgers in 6
  • WFS: Phillies over Yankees in 7

Drew "LtB" Fairservice:

  • LDS: Angels over Red Sox, Yankees over Twins, Philies over Rockies, Cards over Dodgers
  • LCS: Yankees over Angels, Phillies over Cardinals
  • WFS: Phillies over Yankees

Kris "Catshirt" Liakos:

  • LDS: Red Sox over Angels in 5, Yankees over Twins in 5, Rockies over Phillies in 3, Cardinals over Dodgers in 3
  • LCS: Red Sox over Yankees in 6, Cardinals over Rockies in 4
  • WFS: Red Sox over Cardinals in 4

Rob "Fruitbat" Iracane:

  • LDS: Red Sox over Angels, Yankees over Twins, Rockies over Phillies, Cardinals over Dodgers
  • LCS: Yankees over Red Sox, Cardinals over Rockies
  • WFS: Yankees over Cardinals

So that's two Phillies over Yankees picks in the World Series, one Red Sox over Cardinals, and one Yankees over Cardinals. Funny, the two of us who didn't pick the Phillies to win the World Series think they'll lose to the Rockies anyway.

I stand by my prediction that the Tigers would have won the World Series had they beaten the Twins last night. Such is the evil curse of the Metrodome, I suppose.

Feel free to add your own predictions in the comment section, or just harass us for our wacky choices.

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LDS: Angels over Red Sox in 4, Yankees over Twins in 3, Phillies over Rockies in 4, Cardinals over Dodgers in 4

LCS: Angels over Yankees in 6, Cardinals over Phillies in 5

WFS: Cardinals over Angels in 7

* LDS: BOS over LAA in 5, NY over MIN in 3, PHI over COL in 4, STL over LAD in 4
* LCS: NY over BOS in 6, PHI over STL in 7
* WFS: NY over PHI in 6

What a bunch of homers. That being said:
Twins in 3
Twins in 4
Twins in 4

What's the "F" in WFS?

@bctf, I'm guessing "fucking" as in World Fucking Champs (WFC)

That's what I figured

I'd give you guys my picks, but I need to buy a dartboard first.

@Ed, just flip a coin.

LDS: Yanks, Angels Phillies, Cards
LCS: Yanks, Cards
WS: Yanks

Mark Teixera wins ws mvp and i curse at my television

I won't be able to go to game 3 because I am going to be out of town this weekend. Stupid one year wedding anniversary. I really hope the Twins don't get swept so I can go to game 4 on Monday.

Cards 4, Rox 4, Yanks 4, Angels 5
Cards 7, Angels 7
Angels 6

Cards in 5, Phils in 4, Yanks in 3, Angels in 5

Cards over Phils in 6, Yanks over Angels in 6

Yanks over Cards in 6

Red Sox over Angels
Yankees over Twins
Cardinals over Dodgers (sweep)
Phillies over Rockies

Yankees over Red Sox
Cardinals over Phillies

Yankees over Carzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Fist in 5

I know, but darts are more fun than coin flips.

OK, I got it. Playoff Predictions Based On Rolling A Die. Best two out of three, teams with home field advantage were even numbers

LDS: Yankees over Twins, Red Sox over Angels, Cardinals over Dodgers, Rockies over Phillies
LCS: Yankees over Red Sox, Rockies over Cardinals
WFC: Rockies over Yankees

For the record, the last time that the playoffs played out without a game 7 was 2005. The last time that NO series went the distance (either 5 or 7 games) was 1998.

For the record, 5 of the 8 managers have Italian last names. Capicola for everyone!

/except Colorado, Philly and Minn

Lobster Babies over Squid Babies in 4, Mustache Babies over Cats Stairs (Cats Stairs disqualified after everyone finds out they are a bunch of cats), Money Bags Babies over Squid Babies in 5, Sad Girls over Bare Foot Babies in 3.

Lobster Babies over Mustache Babies in 6. Sad Girls over Money Babies in 7.

Lobster Babies over Sad Girls in 6.

Upstate, you deny me that delicious gabbagoullll and I'll slice you like some fresh galamarrrrrrrr. I swear, my motha, she makes the gravy and I we put it on the tastiest mooozarellll or even some BAGALAGALABAGABAGAAAAAAAA.


Money Baby is wildly underrated.

How can you not go with Joseph Smith in the LDS?

miss bee thinks Sad Girls will eat your babies.

I am more of a Brigham Young fan

Money Baby's VORB was like 68 this season. That's better than Zobrist.

@bctf, Roman Polanski is a We Fuckem Young fan. Topical!

Roman Grant is fictional Morman that also likes to fuckemyoung. Related!

TBS chose ANGIE MARTINEZ to represent New York in their radio-hosts-in-the-playoff-cities-talk-about-their-teams segment. That sound you just heard is Mike Francesa shooting Diet Coke out of his eye sockets.

Just saw this post. I figure it's not too late to put my quick-and-dirty predictions somewhere. I sent these in an email to a buddy of mine earlier this afternoon - I didnt' cheat, I swear!

Phi over Col in 3
StL over LAD in 4
NYY over Min in 3
Bos over LAA in 5

StL over Phi in 6
NYY over Bos in 4

StL over NYY in 5

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