Local FOX News Stations Continue to Flaunt the Concept of News

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Is there anything worse than your local news? That's a rhetorical question. Anyway, the answer is yes, the only thing worse than your local news is your local FOX news. Witness:

In this clip, Fox 5 New York anchors Rosanna Scotto and Greg Kelly make fun of former NY guy Mike Jerrick, who now works for FOX in Philadelphia:

Oh, those cards! But Jerrick gets back at them in this HILARIOUS clip which involves a steamroller and some apples. Get ready for some hilarity, folks!

I'm absolutely crying over here! The laughter!

Finally, courtesy of The Fightins', some local broad heads down to Paddy's Pub to drink in the sossed Phillies fans reactions to their big win. Warning: salty language ahead!


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Fuck all this shit. Show me the water-skiing squirrel again, and tell me what tomorrow's weather's gonna be like.

I was told the correct word to use in that title is "flout" and not "flaunt". Funny, my word choice is normally imparkable!

Dunno, boys. I love local news for shit like this. It's rubberneckingtastic

i didnt know cheri oteri came back to philly to do Fox news.

Cheri Oteri? Oh, I guess you're talking about the blonde, Jennaphr Frederick. And no, unlike the headline, there are no errors in the previous sentence.

Also, this whole World Series thing has been a great boon for the local news here in Philly, but I'm just worried that there are an awful lot of house fires that aren't getting adequate coverage because of all the WS goings-on.

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