Managerial Odds and Ends

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Lest you think I'm all about statistically-minded opinion pieces, there were a few bits of news regarding managerial situations around MLB today. To the wires!

First, Tony La Russa is apparently staying with the Cardinals in 2010, says ESPN:

Tony La Russa is returning to the St. Louis Cardinals as manager on a multiyear contract, sources told ESPN's Buster Olney, but there will be at least one change to his coaching staff.

Sources said Hal McRae, the team's hitting coach, has been fired -- and the leading candidate to replace him is Mark McGwire, the former Cardinals slugger.

The 65-year-old La Russa has been mulling his future since the NL Central champion Cardinals were swept in the division series by the Los Angeles Dodgers on Oct. 10. His two-year, $8.5 million contract expires at the end of the month.

"We're getting closer," La Russa, who has managed the team for 14 years, said earlier Sunday. "But nothing has been decided. I can't tell you anything yet."

When you have Albert Pujols, does one even need a hitting coach? More importantly though, if you were to a hire a hitting coach, would you hire Mark "All Natural" McGwire? Remember, he's not here to talk about the past, something that will make discussing previous ABs with his hitters quite difficult.

Then there's the news that the Indians have named their new manager, and it's Manny Acta:

The Cleveland Indians hired Manny Acta to be their manager, giving him the job about three months after he was fired by the Washington Nationals.

Acta signed a three-year contract with a club option for 2013, Indians spokesman Bart Swain said Sunday. Additional terms were not disclosed.

"I am very excited to become part of the Cleveland Indians family," Acta said. "I look forward to working with this talented group of young men who seem to possess a lot of energy and passion for their work."

I like this move quite a bit actually. I had always been of the opinion that Acta got the short end of the stick whilst in Washington. Then again, what manager in Washington isn't getting the short end of the stick? Acta's a good baseball guy, plus he and I share a lot of similar likes and dislikes!

Programming noise: That's probably it for me today, guys. Thanks again for making this a great weekend. I'll see you again in a week's time. Enjoy the game tonight!

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Doh! Chief Wahoo gets full credit for "breaking" the Acta signing in the comments of the post below. Damn my slow typing skills!

Why is there a picture of Gary Busey attached to this article?

And yes, I am being sarcastic.

Just caught 60 seconds of the FOX NFL show, the first time I've had that pleasure in years, and it's even worse than I remembered it to be.

I am lost without a glog

I don't know if the game counts if it's not glogged.

I'm lost without a glog, too. I wanted a place to brag to mostly strangers about SEEING DETHKLOK AND MASTODON LAST NIGHT...


McGwire has been working one on one with a few players already, so he has some teaching experience. Pujols isn't exactly everyone's favorite teammate, so he can't be a player/coach.

I'd like to brag about seeing The Lawrence Arms 10th Anniversary show last night, but I doubt anyone cares.

Ther better be one for game 7

Rabble rabble rabble. dmac is setting up a glog post as we speak. Ask and ye shall receive. It will be going up shortly.

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