New USS Mariner iPhone App Will Help You Be Even More Annoying

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Think you know the ins and outs of baseball better than your favorite team's manager? If you're a Reds fan, you might actually be right! But the guys at USS Mariner have created a new iPhone app that will help you amateur sabermetricians accomplish the impossible: being twice as annoying when you second guess your favorite team's decisions at the ballpark. It uses live win expectancy and the run expectation of the current situation to tell you just how dumb Jim Tracy was for calling that double steal.

Be sure to check the App Store for future updates that let you second guess player trades and rate the odor of your own farts.

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In a cost cutting move, the Nationals hire Stan Kasten's son's iPhone to be the manager

This is like those apps that teach you how to play blackjack and yell at you when you make the wrong moves, like splitting fives. Jerry Manuel tried to use the app but it made his iPhone melt.

Version 1.2 of the app will turn your iPhone into a brick the instant it detects Dusty Baker.

Somewhat related note. How do you sign in on WoW to comment when you are using a mobile device (black berry)? I tried to this weekend with no luck

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