No Manny, Mommy and Daddy Aren't Divorcing Because of You

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Intrigue out in Los Angeles! The McCourts are getting divorced, so Frank has taken the step of firing his soon-to-be-ex-wife. Divorce is really hard for everyone but the lawyers, but in this case, it's about to get real sloppy. Looks like Jamie isn't going down without a fight:

While Frank McCourt is pressing ahead with the business of the team, including Tuesday's announcement of a long-term contract extension for General Manager Ned Colletti, Jamie McCourt is believed to be lining up investors for a possible effort to buy her husband out and gain sole control of the team.

In addition, she was believed to have started calling prominent baseball figures, with the intention of arranging meetings to discuss the direction of the team.

Hopefully for Dodgers fans and for the MLB, this can get settled quickly and painlessly. If not, the team is in a heck of a lot of trouble. Under California state law, if there is no settlement, the assets are to be split 50-50. In that case, Jamie gets Andre Ethier, Matt Kemp, and James Loney while poor Frank is stuck with Juan Pierre's contract and Tommy Lasorda's leftover pizza crusts. Hardly a fair 50-50 split at all.

But really, nobody is hurt more by a divorce than the kids who must suffer with the thought in the back of their heads, "Is it my fault?" Well, Manny Ramirez, I'm here to tell you that in no uncertain terms, no, it's not. It's totally Joe Torre's fault for letting Vicente Padilla throw all those fastballs.

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It's ok, Manny. Weekend mommy Alyssa will let you and Orlando stay up past midnight and let you eat Lorna Doones on the team charter (before dinner even!)

I imagine Manny reacted to the news the same way that Brennan Huff did in StepBrothers

I imagine Manny reacted thusly: "Who? Huh?"

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