One More Wacky Phillies Fan Video to Tide You Over

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The Yankees didn't clinch a damn thing last night, but if they had, I doubt none of their fans would have celebrated with such unadulterated glee and stupidity as the Phillies fans in Center City. To wit, a man in a tree being assaulted by roman candles and what not:

Good news, folks: you don't even have to root for the Phillies to win the World Series if you want to see awesome celebration footage like this again in two weeks. If they lose, the jackassery and hijinks will be extra specially delicious.

On a related note, please enjoy the best photo essay I've seen all month, courtesy of David Brown at Big League Stew.

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Phillies "intelligent fans" are 4 star generals

The thing about Philly is that Philly never, ever disappoints. Any other city would eventually coast on its reputation.


see: St. Louis

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