Playoff Liveglog Club: NLDS, Rockies at Phillies, Game 1

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A while back Wezen-Ball posted a 1950 article that complained about the new breed of baseball player that didn't care about the team and only played for the money. "One of his greater ambitions in baseball is to endorse a cigarette," Bob Considine wrote in Baseball Digest, "though he might not smoke a pack during an entire season." In other words, the problem was not with endorsing cigarettes, but endorsing cigarettes without even being a smoker.

I think there's some truth to it, though. Endorsements mean a lot more when it's something the celebrity really loves. (In other words: Tony Stewart is right.) Check out the above ad with Ryan Howard and Jared Fogel for Subway. Ryan Howard lost a lot of weight this year, so clearly he's been eating Subway sandwiches instead of Whoppers.

How long will we be seeing Ryan Howard shill sandwiches this postseason? We'll find out a little bit today when the Phillies play the Rockies to open MLB's postseason. Join me at game-time after the jump for liveglog coverage.

2:30 Hey, here's Craig Sager getting champagne poured all over him; they showed this pregame.


Ubaldo Jiménez and Cliff Lee are your starting pitchers.

2:36: Pregame, a bunch of local radio hosts got to root for their home teams, and, in Philadelphia, said local host was John Debella. If you're not from Philadelphia, trust me: This is super hilarious.

2:37: Cliff Lee is 7-4 with a 3.39 ERA so far this season; his BB/K is 74/10. The wind is blowing to the NW at 26 mile per hour. That means the ball will be pushed to the right field corner.

2:40: Dexter Fowler's first pitch was indeed hit to the right field corner and Jayson Werth was able to track it down. Carlos Gonzalez singled to left afterward.

2:40: Dexter Fowler's first pitch was indeed hit to the right field corner and Jayson Werth was able to track it down. Carlos Gonzalez singled to left afterward.

2:44: Todd Helton bounced one to Ryan Howard, who airmailed it to left after stepping on first. Ry Ho got the out at first, so there's no error. An infield single by Troy Tulowitzki puts runners at the corners with two out.

2:49: A pop out ends the inning. TBS has a pitch tracker right on the screen (at least in HD):


It's a little distracting right now, but I'm not opposed to the idea in principle.

2:51: Rollins and Victorino both go down after only a couple pitches. I can't tell you how many times that's happened this season.

2:53: Jimenez strikes out Utley on four pitches. He's throwing close to 100 and the Phils have been overpowered so far. His first change-up was 89. Lookout. End 1st.

2:55: The Inquirer's beat writer sure is angry today.


Coming soon: An exclusive investigation into "CHARGE!" Did you know it's led by an organist?!

2:57: Just like that, Yorvit Torrealba doubles down the left field line. Victorino gets the first out on a fly to center by Brad Hawpe next. "Every play in the outfield is going to be an adventure today," we hear for the 100th time. Lookout, Raul Ibanez.

2:59: Meanwhile, Jayson Werth doubles Torrealba after a fly out. Torrealba was clearly safe, but (despite my best attempt) there is no replay in Major League Baseball. Break one of the day goes to the Phillies

3:04: I mean, come on, he was safe by a mile.


The Phillies finally get a hit when Jayson Werth singles to right. He's hitting ahead of Raul Ibanez today; the announcer remind us he hit .232 after coming off the disabled list.

3:06: On cue, Ibanez hits into a 6-4-3 double play. End 2nd.

3:09: Cliff Lee strikes out Jimenez and there's one down. On a side note, I'll have you all know that I hated the George Lopez ad blitz before it even began. Could television be any more predictable?

3:13: Jimmy Rollins makes a nice play on the left field line after passing by Raul Ibanez; Cliff Lee gets Carlos Gonzales to ground out to end the top of the third.

3:18: Pedro Feliz and Carlos Ruiz go down in an instant, but Cliff Lee keeps the inning alive with a liner to center. He has eight hits since coming over to the National League; the announcers talk as if he's the new Barry Bonds.

3:20: Cliff Lee is the new Barry Bonds! Jimenez completely forgets about Cliff Lee, who steals second while he's still in the lineup. Lee then gets picked off second, but he's ruled safe. East coast bias!

3:22: Rollins strikes out a pitch after the drama. End 3rd.

3:26: I stop paying attention to the game when they interview coaches as a silent protest against them. (And now, a not so silent protest.) Lee made two easy outs while I looked away.

3:28: Lee strikes out Atkins to end the top of the 4th.

3:31: Victorino flies out to right field. One down.

3:34: Utley strikes out looking on a very nice breaking ball on a full count. Jimenez has thrown 41 pitches so far.

3:36: Howard singles to left on a bad pitch by Jimenez. Howard attempts to steal second, and gets thrown out easily. That's like Babe Ruth getting thrown out to end the '26 World Series. End 4th.

3:39: Torrealba flies out to center. TBS throws us to EJ but instead we just don't, for some reason. Cliff Lee works too fast, maybe. I don't get why they have game breaks when there are no other games going on.

3:42: Lee strikes out Hawpe. Two down.

3:43: This game's going to end by quarter-to 5. Barmes flies to Ibanez to end the top of the 5th.

3:47: Werth walks after a long at-bat. I guess Howard didn't even need to try to steal second last inning.

3:51: Ibanez runs the count to 3-1, then lines one all the way into the right field corner. Werth scores without a throw, and the Phils have the first run of the game. Phillies 1, Rockies 0.

3:53: A Feliz groundout moves Ibanez to third.

3:55: This dude catches a bat:


3:58: With a new bat, Ruiz singles to plate Ibanez. It gets past Hawpe and Ruiz moves to second. Phillies 2, Rockies 0.

4:02: Lee grounds to Jimenez; Ruiz is caught in a rundown and eventually is tug out. Two down with a man on first now.

4:04: Rollins singles on the first pitch.

4:05: Victorino flies out to left and the inning is finally over. End 5th.

4:07: The Phillies have 6 hits now, 3 of 'em by Astroboy.


4:09: Lee strikes out Jimenez to start the sixth.

4:11: Dexter Fowler grounds out to Rollins. Two down.

4:12: Lee gets his 14th straight out as Gonzalez flies to Lee.

4:15: Utley singles to left to lead off the bottom of the 6th.

4:17: Utley steals second easily; Phils are now 2 for 3 on the basepaths.

4:18: Howard sends one to deep left, Gonzalez can't hold on to the ball as he hits the wall. It's an RBI double for Howard and the Phils are threatening to pull away. Phillies 3, Rockies 0.

4:21: Werth flies one to deep right center, the wind knocks it back to the field but Dexter Fowler can't get it. Howard scores and Werth goes into third standing. Phillies 4, Rockies 0.

4:25: After a pitching change to Joe Beimel, Ibanez singles to right, Werth trots home. Phillies 5, Rockies 0.

4:26: Is it just me or does the plot of Astro Boy seem a lot like the seminal Captain N: The Game Master episode, "Happy Birthday, Megaman"?

4:28: Feliz flies out for the inning's first out against new pitcher Matt Daley.

4:31: Ibanez goes to second on a wild pitch that went off the backstop.

4:32: Ruiz walks; Citizens Bank Park plays an excerpt from "White Lines."

Only time you'll hear a song about cocaine during a baseball game. There was a bike store in the Philly area growing up, Bike Line, that used a parody of this song on a TV commercial. Awesome, no?

4:35:Rollins grounds to second; Barmes bobbles it but recovers to get Jimmy at first by a step. End 6th.

4:37: Replay shows Rollins was easily safe. Incidentally, Joe Beimel's WHIP this series is infinity.

4:39: Helton pops one up and Rollins circles around it and eventually makes the catch behind the third base bag.

4:43: Tulowitzki fouls out, Garrett Atkins doubles and Torrealba grounds to second to end the away half of the 7th.

4:48: Victorino doubles down the left field line to open the home half of the inning.

4:50: Two fans attempted to interfere with Victorino's double, incidentally. How do you know not to interfere with a live ball when you're sitting right there?


Franklin Morales comes in to pitch.

4:56: Utley fouls out to third on a ball that got blown back onto the field.

4:57: Victorino steals third; he overslides the bag but gets back in time. Howard with a chance to drive him in here.

4:59: Howard lines out to Helton. He nails Victorino at third. End 7th.

5:00: The public is going to hate both George Lopez and Barack Obama by the end of this baseball postseason.

5:03: And we get some TNT technical difficulties to start off the 8th. Why does every sports broadcast screw up nowadays? (Note: This could be Comcast technical difficulties, but I'm not bothering to look on Twitter to find out.)

5:05: Hey, there we go. Two outs, apparently.

5:06: Pinch hitter Ryan Spilborghs grounds out to Feliz. Three groundball outs, we're told, but I only saw that last one.

5:09: Jason Marquis comes in to pitch with Jayson Werth leading off the bottom of the eighth.

5:11: Werth grounds out to Marquis; one down.

5:14: Ibanez grounds out, but Pedro Feliz gets an infield single to short to keep the inning going.

5:16: Ruiz grounds out on the first pitch. End 8th.

5:18: TBS interrupts this ninth inning to bring us an update on Derek Jeter. Dexter Fowler interrupts that by flying out to right on the first pitch.

5:19: Carlos Gonzalez singles over Jimmy Rollins' head.

5:21: Helton flies out to Ibanez. Two down.

5:23: Lee throws a wild pitch and Gonzalez moves up to second.

5:24: The Rockies break up Lee's shutout; Tulowitzki doubles to right center. Jayson Werth clearly didn't see it -- "never picked it up in those white towels," the announcers say -- and it's not over yet. Phillies 5, Rockies 1.

5:26: Well, now it is. Lee strikes out Atkins, and we're done just like that.

Final: Phillies 5, Rockies 1. Phillies lead series, 1-0.

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I posted this in the prediction column, but it's absurd enough to mention here:

TBS chose ANGIE MARTINEZ to represent the Yankees in their radio-hosts-in-the-playoff-cities-talk-about-their-teams segment. That sound you just heard is Mike Francesa shooting Diet Coke out of his eye sockets.

I hope Rob was taking notes right there.

Who's ready to get fisted?!

Let the fisting begin.

technical difficulties?

Can we just go ahead and ask Howard not to try to throw the ball to second under any circumstances? It's a tough throw, one that Ryan makes with about 12% accuracy.

Phillies do not look exactly sharp early on.

Well, this game is going to be an adventure.

Let's see some screenshots of Twins that look hungover.

Wait, what game is this?

I never realized just how tall Sager is before last night. How many Dr. Seuss characters have to die to make each of his suits?

"...on any fly ball in the air." As opposed to any fly ball on the ground?

TBS is rocking those faux-Primus bass riffs early and often today.

I can't wait to get home and watch those hilarious George Lopez ads.

I wish the broadcasters would tell us what the weather is like in Philly and whether or not fly balls will be an adventure.

Catching fly balls will be an adventure because there is an elf in the outfield that will stab an outfielder as he is making the catch.

Not as bad matt_T as the Frank tv ad's, but I bet they will be by the end of the play-offs.

2 innings in the books

Nice of Guy Clark to show up at 2:40.

It looks like he tagged his hand before his foot touched

I need this game to stay under 8.5 runs total.

You mean you need it to stay under 8.00000000000000000000001 runs. That would be more acurate.

Every time I see that subway ad, I vomit a little.

so far so good UNW

Who the fuck is EJ and why do I care what he has to say?

Have the announcers used the term "Roxtober" yet?

2 down in the away 4th

At this rate both of these guys might pitch a complete game.

Chip Caray disputes your classification of that event as a fly-out. More a base hit that didn't land.

Ryan Howard trying to steal, the fuck?

That steal makes sense there. Werth only hit 30-something home runs during the regular season, so it was unlikely he would drive Howard in.

Howard should lay of the $5 foot longs if he wants to steal bases.

Woah. A Yes tune in a bank commercial. Didn't see that one coming...

@Ed, I thought the same thing when I heard "See A Little Light" by Bob Mould in a TIAA-CREF commercial

nice 10 pitch inning for Lee.

"This game's going to end by quarter-to 5. Barmes flies to Ibanez to end the top of the 5th."

The first part of yesterday's game went really quick, I told my pregnant wife that because of that we should be home early so she could get to bed early. Oops.

And the series-long fellating of Davey Lopes begins.

Davey Lopes is the greatest Cape Verdean from Rhode Island to ever play the game.

This Cliff Lee guy is alright. You could build a nice squad around him.

At least that fan will be armed for his bus trip back to a bowling alley in the Northeast.

Chief, don't look at his picture on Yahoo sports. he is still wearing an Indians hat.

I'm at the bar in the Bronx Applebees. Talk about atmosphere! And riblets!

well this game was moving along nicely.

That guy needs a viking hat

I'm now rooting for the Rockies due to the "vocal" rooting in the Twitterverse.

So Ruiz's baserunning blunder cost the Phillies a run? Is that because Helton would have been holding an invisible base runner on at first if Chooch had stayed at second?

Rob, give UU our best!

@Gorge, Applebee's is for rich folks and they never have coupons in the paper.

btw, Jimenez threw close to 40 pitches that inning.

Open question: Kim Jones, hot or not?

If Cabrera wasn't proof, Gonzalez is further: Budweiser will fuck you up.

Chief, I say YES.

this game is quickly turning into a shit show for the Rox.

Good to see at least one Windy City in the playoffs, AMIRITE?

Shark like? No bones, only cartilage?

Not sure what the Bronx is like but the wind has been blowing hard in lower manhattan.

Wall Street functions on blowing hard.

50 MPH gusts in the Bronx. Blew the jalapeño poppers right off my plate.

Rob has also been blowing hard in lower manhattan

"Third base umpire doesn't know whether to run or wind his watch."

I don't think that those were his best two options. And really, who uses that colloquialism in 2009?

Is beat writer the most common profession among degenerate gamblers?

1. Beat writer
2. Blogger
3. Schoolteacher
4. Professional athlete
5. Deli owner

Gorge, I'd have to amend that list to put "Unemployed Location Manager" at 1A.

I never I realized I was so much like Chase Utley. I too maintain a good center of balance, let my hands do the work, and they too are very, very quick.

Fisted into DP!

Chief, it pains me to see you suffer as a victim of RomCom Backlash.

Thanks to either TBS or Comcast I'm staring at a blank screen now. Fuckers.

"The public is going to hate both George Lopez and Barack Obama by the end of this baseball postseason"

One game in and the public is half way there.

You're closer to the truth than you know, Gorge. I had a great run going with Kate Hudson for a few years. Surely there is a place in this world for plucky young magazine writers who get the man in the end despite a series of hilarious obstacles that pop up along the way.


John Russell doesn't understand why Manuel isn't pulling Lee so he can get an ovation.

Thanks, Dmac!

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