Playoff Liveglog Club: Yankees @ Angels, ALCS Game 3

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Well, well, well! The TV is turned to Fox, and while I'm upset that Judge Joe Brown is over, I'm excited to bring you Game 3 of the ALCS right here on Walkoff Walk. The game's slated to begin at 4:13 p.m., or an extra-convenient 1:13 p.m. for those out in California.

While we're waiting to begin, maybe you should go read the playoff diary I've been doing for The Fightins. Or maybe you should get a drink or something, I dunno. Whatever you want!

Today's matchup is Andy Pettitte (for the Yankees) and Jered Weaver (for the Angels). Join me after the jump for the game.

4:07: I haven't really been watching any of the ALCS so far with the sound on, so this will be my first taste of Buck and McCarver. And, oh boy, am I excited. Is that the right word? Excited? Sure.

4:10: Do the Angels still have the Rally Monkey? Oh crap, do they still have Thunderstix?

4:12: Crap!


4:16: Whoa! Derek Jeter drills a 2-0 pitch over the fence and it's a leadoff homer. Quick. Yankees 1, Angels 0.

4:19: Jered Weaver comes back to strike out Johnny Damon, then gets Mark Teixeira to fly out to center.

4:20: A-Rod also flies out to center, and the top half of the first is over.

4:22: As I hoped, the Keys to the Game were nonsensical. But they were extra nonsensical, as I did not expect them to be sponsored by Ninja Assassin!


Yes, the Yankees will need to keep pitching if they want to win the game. Imagine if they stopped pitching! Why, they'd have to forfeit!

4:24: Chone Figgins leads off with a single to left.

4:25: The announcers point out Andy Pettitte has pitched 224 2/3 innings in the postseason. That's pretty amazing. Bobby Abreu, 0-for-9 this series so far, is up.

4:27: Abreu fouls out to Teixeira. One down, Figgins still on first.

4:29: Andy Pettitte induces a ground ball from Torii Hunter, and it's a 6-4-3 double play to end the inning. For some reason Pettitte jaws at the umpire on his way off the field. End 1st.

4:34: Hideki Matsui rips a curve right in front of Bobby Abreu and a casino ad, and he's on first with a single.

4:37: Jorge Posada strikes out looking, or at least that's what the crowd and Joe Buck say. But it was actually just strike two, and Posada eventually walks. Two on, nobody out.

4:39: Robinson Cano grounds weakly to short, and Aybar's only able to get Posada at second. First and third with nobody out for Swisher.

4:42: Swisher flies out to shallow left, no chance for Matsui to score. Two down.

4:45: Melky Cabrera grounds out, and the top of the second is over.

4:49: Vlad Guerrero singles to center for another leadoff runner for the Angels. Fox then treats us to an extremely boring conversation between home plate umpire Bill Miller and Jorge Posada.

4:52: Juan Rivera grounds to short; Jeter gets Vlad at second but the relay throw is just a tad late and there's one down.

By the way, all the stars are out today!


4:56: And there's your double play ball. Kendry Morales hits it to Jeter, we go 6-4-3 and Fox goes out with some sort of "Walkin' on the Sun" knockoff. I think sports stations are using knock-off stock songs due to the economic downturn; they used to use the real stuff. End 2nd.

5:01: I was in the other room, and while that happened Derek Jeter flies out and Johnny Damon grounded out.

5:02: We get a report from Ken Rosenthal. Ken and I were both Daily Pennsylvanian sports editors (not at the same time, obviously). He begins with, "Jered Weaver's parents are separated -- but for the best of reasons." Oh, it's a twist! You sly dog, Ken!

5:03: Mark Teixeira strikes out, and that's the end of the top of the third.

5:07: Howie Kendrick flies out to right.

5:08: And now Mike Napoli flies out to right. Erick Aybar ends the flyout parade by singling to center.

5:12: Andy Pettitte has thrown over to first 45,183 times so far this game, a playoff record.

5:14: And after all that, Aybar steals second anyway. It's 2-2 to Figgins with two down.

5:15: And then Figgins fouls out to first. After all that. End 3rd.

5:16: So how stupid does this movie Ninja Assassin look?

I'll bite: It looks stupider than the Keys to the Game.

5:18: Hey, there's a homer from A-Rod, the New York media's favorite playoff choker. Yankees 2, Angels 0.

5:21: And now Matsui walks.

5:23: Fun fact about Angel Stadium of Anaheim courtesy of Wikipedia: "An urban legend persists that marijuana seeds left on the outfield grass by concert-goers sprouted and had to be destroyed by ground crews." Is this really an urban legend? I thought urban legends were about monsters and such.

5:24: Jorge Posada singles to deep right center, but Matsui somehow only makes it to second.

5:25: Here's our question of the game: "How many pairs of brothers have been teammates for the Angels?" Tim McCarver: "Jim Fregosi didn't have a brother that played for the Angels. Nolan Ryan didn't have a brother that played for the Angels, nor did Dean Chance or Bo Belinsky." I think he's going to name every person who played for the Angels, ever. What about Jim Abbott, Tim?

5:26: Robbie Cano grounds into a fielder's choice. First and third with one out.

5:31: Swisher strikes out. We get an awesome slow motion replay from the Fox crew. It's seriously awesome how closely you can see the ball breaking. Why don't we get this more often?

5:32: Melky Cabrera pops one to short center; Erick Aybar tracks it down on a nice play, and the top of the fourth is over.

5:34: I thought the kid in that pretty cool Canon commercial used to crash into the car after catching the lateral, but I guess I was wrong. He totally should, though. Street touch football should always have legalized tackling into cars.

5:37: McCarver notes that Rod Carew "could also steal home... from third." I'd be really impressed if he could steal home from first.

5:38: Abreu hits it hard, but it goes right to Johnny Damon in left. One down.

5:40: Torii Hunter singles to left. Fox notes his favorite quote is, "With great power comes great responsibility," from Spider-man. My favorite quote is, "With great power comes a great chance to get people to do things for you, and God I'd sure like to get some great power so I could just sit on my ass all day," from me, right now.

5:43: Pettitte runs the count to 3-0 to Vlad. He's also thrown over 50 times this at-bat.

5:44: Torii Hunter goes for second, Pettitte picks him off, and there are two outs. CS 1-3-4 if you're scoring at home and for some reason using this blog to do so.

5:45: Vlad walks. Now a break for some Anaheim fashion!

I'll beat Matt_T to it: Accidentally fresh! (And also: Play her off, Keyboard Cat! She's in your base, killin' your d00ds! All your base are belong to her!)

5:46: And Juan Rivera flies out. This game is 45 minutes of baseball and 45 minutes of Andy Pettitte throwing over to first. Somebody hit a double to get on base, please! End 4th.

5:49: Jeter lines the first pitch to right. One down.

5:50: Johnny Damon crushes one down the left field line. It lands a few rows back, and that's the third solo homer today. Yankees 3, Angels 0.

5:52: Teixeira walks. Rosenthal: "It's like aura and mystique have made a comeback." He then predicts the Phillies won't have the pitching to beat the Yankees in the World Series. Yankees, World Series champs, 2009-2015!

5:53: A-Rod flies out to deep, deep left. Two down.

5:56: Matsui strikes out. Top of the fifth is over.

6:01: Hey, there we go! After a Morales strikeout, Howie Kendrick crushes one to left for the Angels' first run of the game. The announcers were talking to Joe Girardi at the time for extra hilarity. Yankees 3, Angels 1.

6:03: Napoli strikes out. The Angels shot off fireworks after the homer, leading to Napoli's at-bat being the baseball equivalent of the Fog Bowl.


6:05: Aybar grounds to third. End 5th.

6:08: Darren Oliver is in to pitch for the Angels; Jorge Posada will lead off.

6:10: Posada strikes out swinging. One down.

6:11: Cano grounds one toward short, Erick Aybar stabs at it deep in the hole but it goes off his wrist. It's (rightly, I think) ruled a hit.

6:14: After Swisher chops one down the line that goes just foul, he strikes out swinging.

6:17: Cabrera breaks his bat and lines out. And the bat gets stuck right in the ground.


Neat! Yes, I'm easily amused.

6:20: Chone Figgins grounds out to short. Bobby Abreu, who hasn't had a hit this series, is up.

6:22: Here was Joe Girardi, earlier in the game, after Jeter's homer I think.


Razor Ramon (or somebody) is going to sue for copyright infringement.

(Don't worry, Rob, I hosted it externally!)

6:23: Abreu singles to right.

6:26: Hunter flies out to right. McCarver: "Thunderstix in the stands; Thunderstix on the field is what they're looking for." Ugh, that line was almost worse than Thunderstix.

6:30: Vlad hits a bomb that carries, carries, carries.... and just clears the fence in left. Abreu scores ahead of him and it's a whole new ballgame. Angels 3, Yankees 3.

6:31: Rivera pops out. How much fun are those homers that you're not sure if they're going to go out, and then they carry and... GONE! I guess that particular one wasn't that fun if you're a Yankees fan. End 6th.

6:33: Apparently, there's a Rick Steves iPhone app.


Fun fact: This is the third Rick Steves reference in a Dan McQuade liveglog this year so far. Reference #1, 8 April 2009, Reference #2, 21 April 2009.

6:37: Jeter strikes out swinging. One down.

6:38: Johnny Damon lines out to center.

6:39: Texieria walks. Mike Scioscia comes out for a pitching change.

6:44: A-Rod grounds to third, Figgins goes to second and it's stretch time. Let's go with a little late era George Harrison for our stretch music. Warning: This may be the catchiest song of all time.

6:50: Pedro Morales bloops one down the right field line that's just foul. It's 3-2 now.

6:51: Morales flies out to Damon. Pettitte comes out; Joba Chamberlain comes in.

6:54: Howie Kendrick blasts the first pitch to deep right center; it bounces off the wall and he has a triple with one out.

6:56: Izturis hit a sac fly to right center. Angels 4, Yankees 3.

6:59: Aybar lines one down the right field line and the Angels have another runner in scoring position.

7:00: Joba Chamberlain's going to come out. Hey, the same 5 commercials are playing again. Whee!

7:03: Marte is in to pitch; Figgins flies to right on the first pitch. C'mon, listen to Bobby Abreu a little more and take a pitch or two! End 7th.

7:07: Incidentally, it's Kevin Jepsen who's pitching and who got the last out in the seventh inning. He walks Matsui, and Brett Gardner will pinch run.

7:10: Gardner tries to steal, but it's a pitch out and Aybar tags him on the ass before he gets in there. Huge for the Angels. One down.

7:12: Even more huge now, I guess. Jorge Posada drives one to center, it's right over the Nick Adenhart memorial and it's a tie game. Yankees 4, Angels 4.

7:13: Robbie Cano drives up the middle, and the go-ahead run is on first with one out.

7:16: Swisher walks. Angels fans are not too happy right now, I can only assume.

7:17: Cabrera swings at a pitch that nearly makes a tunnel to Albuquerque, but Jeff Mathis (he came in to catch, sorry forgot to note that after Izturis pinch-hit) makes a nice block in the dirth.

7:19: Cabrera strikes out. Two down.

7:20: 1-2 to Jeter after a pitch that just catches the black, according to whatever Fox's pitch tracking thing is called.

7:21: Jeter grounds to the pitcher, but the Yanks did tie it up. We head to the bottom of the eighth. Exciting!

7:23: If someone could get this Blackberry commercial with the crappy "All You Need Is Love" cover off the air, I'd be really happy. I dunno if anybody has the power to do this, but let me know. Phil Coke is in to pitch, incidentally.

7:25: Ack. Bobby Abreu clobbers one to deep right center for a double... but he goes for third, then decides to go to back to second; it's an 8-6-3 putout and there's one down. Abreu hangs his head afterward and it's time for a pitching change.

7:28: Phil Hughes has come in to pitch; he'll face Torii Hunter.

7:29: And he K's Hunter on three pitches. Geeze, learn from Bobby Abreu and take some pitches and then screw up on the basepaths!

7:31: Vlad grounds to A-Rod, who throws wildly to first -- but Teixeira tags Vlad for the third out. End 8th.

7:32: When is Ninja Vampire Assassin coming out? On a side note, I think I've corrected all the Mark Teixeira spelling errors I've made so far in this liveblog.

7:35: Brian Fuentes is in to pitch. Johnny Damon makes it easy for him, at least at first, by grounding out to second.

7:36: Tim McCarver lets us know that Derek Jeter knew by his spider senses that Abreu would try to go back to second.

7:37: Teixeira strikes out. Two down.

7:38: A-Rod is going to get intentionally walked with nobody on base. Yes, the go-ahead run is put on automatically. It's nice that Yankees fans and New York media never complained about A-Rod during his previous postseason struggles with the Yanks; they really deserve his Bondsian performances now.

(Throws up.)

7:39: Jerry Hairston Jr. is at bat now.

7:40: And Hairston K's. Angels better finish this here so I can watch the Phillies game in peace. Sorry, Rob.

7:43: Rob, via IM: "You are officially off the hook for extra innings." Phew. And he even wrote it like that, capitalization and all, so I didn't even have to capitalize it when I posted it here. Aww, Rob, thanks! I can probably stay through the 10th, though.

7:44: I've never actually bailed on a liveglog here before, though, as far as I remember. Hmm. Anyway, Juan Rivera grounds out to short for the first out.

7:46: Kendry Morales lines one down the first base line, but Teixeira makes a nice leaping catch for out number two.

7:47: And Howie Kendrick pops out. It's only 10-of, though, so I'm gonna keep going! End 9th.

7:51: Jason Bulger is in for the Angels. He'll face Posada. I love his headshot.


7:53: Annnnd it's a strikeout of Posada. Nice job by Bulger there, "he battled back from 3-0," as an announcer would say.

7:54: Robbie Cano grounds out to second. Two down.

7:57: And Bulger strikes out Swisher. I'd like to thank this game for going into extra innings, actually, so I can miss the TBS pregame show. It's Mathis-Aybar-Figgins in the bottom half of the 10th.

8:00: Jeff Mathis doubles to deep left center. The crowd goes wild, Mo Rivera is coming in and I have to see these same five commercials again.

8:05: Hey, we've seen this before! Aybar bunts, Rivera throws to third and it shorthops A-Rod. Damon backs it up nicely to save the game, but it's 1st and 3rd with no outs.

8:07: Figgins grounds to first, Teixeira makes a nice play for the out at first, and Mathis has to hold. Aybar goes to second. They'll walk Bobby Abreu here to set up the force at home.

8:08: Torii Hunter is up with a chance to win it.

8:10: 0-1. Three balls from SHRIMP.

8:11: 2-1. Two balls from SHRIMP.

8:12: Hunter grounds to first, Teixeira comes home. Two down.

8:13: Vlad is up. It's 1-1. Three balls from SHRIMP!

8:14: And another groundout to first. That's it for me, Rob will let you know what's going on in the comments. Sorry, fellas! End 10th.


8:40: Hey, the Angels won in the 11th! Mathis doubled to left and Howie Kendrick scored. Sorry, Rob. End 11th.

Final: Angels 5, Yankees 4. Yankees lead ALCS, 2-1.

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Thunderstix, like Avril Lavigne, is sooo 2002.

fuck yeah Derek Jeter

And as the Thunderstix have stuck around since 2002, so has my boner for Avril.

sk8r boi 4 ever.

Once she turned 16 Avril Lavigne was too old for Rob's taste

Thunderstix, like Good Charlotte, are soooo 2002.

Dmac's keys to the game: Don't let Jeter hit a home run in the first inning.

Pay better baseball players to wear Angels jerseys.

4:20: A-Rod also flies out to center, and the top half of the first is over.

That was very uncluchy of A-rod

I knew Avril when she was a li'il guyrl. I used to babysit until she started tat'ling. She can't keep secrets.

/Uncle Paul'd

Rally Monkeys 4 EVA

Thunderstix, like Matchbox 20, are soooo 2002.

Thunderstix, like Good Charlotte, are abominations that require immediate eradication from the face of the Earth. They were like that from day one, also.

Hey, Andy Pettitte! Something else that is so 2002!

girls don't like boys
they like cars and money


Someone take Petitte out, blow on him, then re-insert. He is broken.

I used to think that lyric went:

girls don't like boys
they like dogs and money

Keep pitching?

Not even, keep pitching well, or even the asinine 'eat innings'

just keep pitchin.

Petitte balked 6 times that inning.

My wish? That Fergie's broke-ass face matched her hot-ass body.


So you want an ugly girl with a dumpy body? Or a pretty girl with a nice body? Because if it's the former, I bet you could have found some at that Base Ball exhibition.

Pettitte's constant dickering with first base kept Figgins from getting too big a lead and led to the inning ending DP. AMIRITE?

Phillas has dibs on the chick with fuschia hair in our photo essay.

Would that qualify as a pre-Scioscia face. PRELUDE TO INCREDULITY!

Wow, I thought she was wearing a hat. Base Ball exhibitions: creating alt-weekly fodder since 2005!

Is this the Giada at Home blog? She's talking about folding egg whites into her chocolate and it's making me funny in my pants.

"The Yankees have made Weaver work, he's already thrown 32 pitches."

That's what happens when you throw a lot of balls.

"I'd like to buy a 'go fuck yourself', Joe" - Sajak

I want to make love to Giada, then mass-produce her and give her away to the first 10,000 fans.

Because she is shaped like a bobblehead, you see.


Boras stands when he watches the game so that others behind him can better rate his gas. The typical reply is "a blend of egyptian cotton and ethnic suppression."

"Kendry did not want to swing, but did..."

Riiiiiight, neither did Brett Myers.

"Speed slows down the game."

Not as much as a lack of decision-making.

Shouldn't Pat Sajak have better seats?

Bad news: there is nothing more depressing than cafeteria sushi

Good news: at least while I'm eating it, they've turned the sound on the game off

Yankees getting more DP's today than a Vivid Video shoot.

"The Dodgers took it on the chin last night."

It IS a Vivid Video shoot out there.

Hey Rob, important question: if Joe P and Bobby V mated, would you go to the commitment ceremony?


I'd been hearing Manny Acta for Tribe Skipper. I'd love for them to consider Omar Vizquel.


Crap, I always just miss on these things.

Don't hold your breath waiting for your prize, Matt T, I'm still awaiting recognition for my 14,000th post.

"Jered Weaver's parents are separated -- but for the best of reasons"

One's fat and the other one is gay!

30,000 comments, and only 28,000 were dupes!

30,000 comments, and only 28,000 were dupes!

Over/Under on Pettitte's pickoff attempts: 30

Guy Clark has already made comment #35,000. You just don't know it yet.

Well, at least it was shown you can steal off a guy who is balking on 25% of his throws to first.

Alex Rodriguez eats Jered Weaver for breakfast, lunch, and sometimes fourthmeal.

The 30,000th comment was fucking Good Charlotte lyrics.

That seems oddly appropriate

Ninja Assassin looks stupider than Tim McCarver sounds.

You are out of your mind if you think Ninja Assassin looks stupid.

"Matsui doesn't run like he used to" - Buck

You mean he went from "really slow" to "REALLY FUCKING SLOW"?

Robbie Cano kills more rallies than the Beijing police force.

The same legend exists about Shea Stadium from those Rolling Stones shows in the '80s. And probably every single concert ever in any ballpark ever.


Best concert ever? The Who show in Cincinnati in '79. People were dying to get in.



HOORAY for the old school glog!

Shouldn't have gone to Jered.

I almost formed a babby then I got the head out, eh Tim?

Best Weavers:

1) Earl
2) Sigourney
3) Dream
53) Jered

Pete Seeger would beg to differ, Rob.

Please, Joe, don't crap out on me.

Welcome back to the land of the living, Vlad.

Fucking A - Vlad goes yard

Groan. That one tore a hole in the sweet feeling in my being.

I have that Rick Steves iPhone app. It was free, and I need it just in case I ever go to France.

Maybe it's because I'm an unapologetic racist, but does Kevin Jepsen look Cajun to anyone else?

I realize that was up against the wall, but Nick Swisher is a horrendous, horrendous outfielder and needs to be corrected.

did joba braid his necklace at summer camp?

SPOILER ALERT Sunny Preview for next week is relevant to this website.


Joba's looking more like Neville, huh? HUH? /over-enthusiastic history teacher

Green Man vs. The Phanatic is something to look forward to.

Way to develop Joba as a pitcher, Yankee Organization.



Does that make Scioscia Hitler?


Have we had a MELONHEADS sighting yet?

Kevin Jepsen is equal parts awesome and horrifying. He exemplifies the duality of man.

Jeter's just not clutch like A-Rod.

Jepsen's beard is Mastodonesque

Its too bad the Yankees don't have names on the back of their jerseys. Bros could get the COKE jersey like they used to wear the BONG Braves jersey.

I bet they sell those Yankees fake jersey t-shirts with COKE on them.

There is nothing smart about what Bobby Abreu did. Nothing. The Yankees got SO LUCKY that Bobby made a RIVERA.

Lots of folks have Yankees jerseys and shirts with the name on them anyway. I have nothing else to add except agita.

Okay, the black taco commercials got me. I'm going for one or two. Will report upon completed mission.

Those blue yankee shirts with the name and number on the back actually look pretty cool. Yankee jerseys with a name on the back are bogus.

Tim are you fucking retarded? You don't think Tex or Posada or anyone else was yelling at Jeter to go to 2? Fuck, Abreu put me in a pissy mood.


getcher hairston hats on

Chief Wahoo: Agreed. I have nothing else to add.

Hairston: True Yankee?

Not anymore. Take your .500 career postseason batting average back to the Reds, asshole.

If this game goes 20 innings and is still going on when that Phillies game is over, I want you back here to finish your mess, Dmac.

Your commitment to Walkoff Walk pleases me.

Pat Sajak is watching you masturbate.

#defense matters

I am losing my shit up in here.

I know we al have loyalties, but thou shall have no god before SHRIMP.

hit the bricks Noodlearm Damon



Yeah I have no idea how to tell you what happened the last inning. You're on your own.

*cough* @iracanesgirl *cough*

The Yankees lose, the Yankees lose, The Yaaaaaaaaaaankees lose!


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