Put Your Clapping Hat On: The World Series Starts Tonight

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I'll be honest, there are very few things that could leave a chatty jerk like me speechless, but with my team of choice ready to play in the World Series tonight, my nerves and excitement have taken every thought right out of my brain. I can't think of anything to say. Tonight, our pal 3:10 to Joba will liveglog the action for you while I head out to the South Bronx Applebees. Until then, sit tight and get ready for some hot statistical action from 3:10 and Drew, and probably a hilarious video of some sorts.

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In preparation for tonight's game, the wife made cakies last night. She made chocolate ones with peanut butter chips. In a related note, diabetic comas aren't so bad.

holy shit its already the world series. It seems like just yesterday it was April and Rob was making bets he wasn't going to keep up his end of the deal on.

Nick, I can guarantee you won't be bolded as a commenter in the glog unless a batch of those cakies show up at my door by game time.

/gives into dago heritage of extortion


310, I can guarantee that I won't even be able to make the glog if I finish that batch of cakies that are sitting in my kitchen.

/fully intends on finishing them and then making more and eating those

I'm completely on the fence about who to root for. Anyone care to convince me?

/would go to njpanick's place for cakies but I fear being crushed by those giant hands

I'm still trying to decide which Yankee clapping hat to wear tonight.

@Chief, all the cool kids are rooting for Yankees.

UU, go with your pink one.

It'd be nice to have a WS that lasts longer than 5 games

Plan for today:
1. Board airplane
2. Board different airplane
3. Race to hotel; fire up laptop for hot, liveglog action
4. Profit

I'm not rooting for either team. But I am gonna miss the FISTING.

I just hope they bring back Scooter, and he is featured prominently in Fox's broadcasts.

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