Rob Dibble Will Sell You These T-Shirts For A Billion Dollars

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Courtesy of Can't Stop The Bleeding comes this link to Dibble Baseball, the official online store of the 1990 NLCS co-MVP.

Not only does Rob Dibble really have t-shirt design down, he also knows pricing: The t-shirt on the left is $40 (or $65 with Rob's signature), while the baseball jersey on the right is $70 ($95 signed). I once bought the signature of former WWF wrestler Virgil for $20, so I think the Rob Dibble signature price is pretty on the mark.

With their low price point I'm pretty sure these t-shirts are almost sold out, so you might want to snatch some up now. Think nasty!

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He's like Kenny Powers, but real, and real unfunny.

Buy a shirt and a jersey and we'll thrown in a full bottle of roofies!

Still better looking than Ryan Braun's Remetee t-shirts

Will softball teams get a bulk discount?

I'm a little disappointed that they aren't more Affliction-y.

Dozens of seconds went into the design of those shirts Rob. You can't put a price on that type of genius.

But if you did, it would surely be much less than $70.

My joke was ripped off from Jamie Mottram, who was quoted in that CSTB post. I am a hack.

The winner of the WoW fantasy basketball and football leagues will receive one of these shirts.

Man... if I only had a million dollars... I would spend some serious time thinking about it, and then I would ABSOLUTELY REFUSE TO PURCHASE ONE OF THOSE HIDEOUS THINGS.

Rob may tell you that but he will welch when you win.

Rob- you didn't steal that joke from anyone. It's a painfully obvious, chuckle-worthy reference to a well-know part of current-day pop lexicon.

That being said, as self-appointed combudsman of this here site, I'm banning you for the remainder of the playoffs. Tough and unfair, but you've gotta learn somehow.

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