Rogers Resolves to Rebuild, Ricciardi Reflects before Running Back to Red Sox

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fish_011.gifAs reported by everyone on Twitter (it's a trending topic) the Toronto Blue Jays have parted ways with J.P. Ricciardi effective immediately. From

The Blue Jays announced on Saturday that they have dismissed their general manager -- effective immediately -- and that Alexander Anthopoulos, the vice president of baseball operations and assistant general manager, will fill the role.

Young Canadian upstart Alex Anthopoulous has the pleasure of taking over the most futile job in sports. I'l try to have more to say about this tomorrow. Until then I'll be too busy staring into the abyss and wondering if it just blinked.

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Holy shit, Rogers Corp. Way to bury the news on a weekend.

This was actually printed on the bottom of Drew's phone bill.

It's a full day later and I'm still laughing at that, Colonel.

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