Saturday Night Liveglog Club: Yankees @ Phillies, World Series Game 3

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(Since tonight is both Game 3 of the 2009 World Series and the dreaded time change, Walkoff Walk has turned to the sole member of the liveglogging team that lives in a daylight savings-free zone to handle the game tonight. Therefore, Tuffy will be the one to bring FallBack.)

wsg3.jpg I'm bringing fall time back
Them other states just don't know how to act
You think you're saving, but you ain't got the knack
So turn out tonight and I'll pick up the slack.

Take 'em to the time change

You see Game Three now
Baby, I'm your host
I'll let you chime in if your rap's the most
It's just that wombats ain't got time for boasts

Wombat With Superman Tie Take 'em to the liveglog.

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Can you send an invite to . I can't see it if I don't get an invite

Likewise, can I get an invite to

You should not need invites. Everyone in!

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