Sometimes, Folks Press the Publish Button a Bit Too Early

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I can't stand reading sportswriters complain about late games that turn quickly in the same way that the NLCS did last night. Oh boo-hoo, Jimmy Rollins got a walkoff hit and Jon Broxton blew a save and now you have to rewrite half of your game story. Cry me a river of bad press buffet clam chowder.

Still, at least none of those sleepy journos submitted their "Dodgers win" copy like the lowly intern who pushed the publish button a few minutes too early and produced the hilarious screencap.

(via The 700 Level and DarkNemesis618)

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It was probably one of those robot beat writers.

Never would have happened if there were a salary cap for beat writers.

I, for one, welcome our new robot beat writer overlords.

It's an honest mistake. It's not like any saves have been blown in the postseason thus far.

This has clearly been photoshopped.

Yeah, it originally said, "Clutch hits, Manny's grab help Dodgers tie NLCS."

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