Sunday Night Semiglog Club: Yankees at Twins, ALDS Game 3

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For those of you not listening to FoWoWs Tuffy and Sussman over at the Treehouse Fort or watching Andy Rooney complain about Dominicans or enjoying Peyton Manning's dominance over the National Football League or having a nice Sunday supper of beef larb salad and lemongrass shrimp, this is your place to chit-chat about the Yankees and Twins ALDS game.

Lefty vet Andy Pettitte (who hasn't lost to the Twins since 2001) takes the mound for the Yanks while Carl Pavano continues his renaissance as an actual human being who does actual productive work for the Twins. Were the Yanks to win, we'll finally get to burn down the Metrodome but we'll be stuck with the Phillies and Rockies as the only battle left being fought. You gotta give and take, people.

Best of all, if you are all on your best behavior, Mr. Tuffy will amble back to Walkoff Walk at 10PM to liveglog the Rockies and Phillies game, but even though he's a Left Coaster, there's no guarantee he'll stay awake past the third inning.

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Giddy up.

So........ Is there actually going to be any glogging going on in this glog?

It's DIY glogging for this affair, I think.

I just finished my larb.

Haw haw Nick Swisher is such a jovial fuckup.

Melky Cabrera just broke up what could have been the single most embarrassing perfect game in the history of human existence.

Nick Punto is probably good at skipping rocks across lakes.

This semiglog needs more of Keith Law's irritating and antagonistic dry wit.


@keithlaw Swisher tries to walk to first on ball three. Delmon Young laughed because he knows you don't go to first till ball five.


It's funny because he's black.

A Marine commander on 60 Minutes just said that opposition body count is an irrelvant statistic for measuring how they're doing in Afghanistan. No, shit. Clearly WAR is the most important stat.


Of course Pettitte has never pitched on turf in the postseason. Only a handful of shit teams still have shit turf in their shit stadiums and generally don't make the shit playoffs.

@BryanHoch: "Harlan Chamberlain is taking in the game from an area right in front of the suite level."

Somebody needs to pull a Nordberg on Joba's dad just for shits n giggs.

Massive strike zone tonight for home plate ump Mark Wegner. Call it both ways, blue.

Defer to Alpacas.


Gary Gaetti's Confetti Spaghetti Shak.

If I don't soon see a "15 outs from immortality" tweet from Fake Michael Kay, I'm going to be disappointed.

Swisher just peed in the kettle corn.

That was a sorry turn of events. Three hard hit balls and nothing to show for it except Hideki Matsui's sad face.

For all those who have wondered if the characters of Tron ever gardened, I present to you Craig Sager's tie.

And that's why Robinson Cano is clutch. He's a part of every play. Good or bad.

That was an un-RIVERA by Cuddyer that ended poorly.

Dmac is very upset about the dirty helmets in the postseason. I learnt in sex ed that boys should always thoroughly warsh their helmets.

I just had a mini-throwup and it was really spicy.

Johnny Damon should really pay for a ticket if he's going to watch.

Does the pothole die when the street is fixed? If so, is the cause of death heat-related, or suffocation?

See Span (2).

That missed call by Wegner on what was an obvious strike to 3 million viewers at home is by far more egregious that Cuzzi's blown foul call. Right?


Chip Caray totally called that home run. Bizarre world we live in.


Bring in Brett Favre haw haw haw

Jose Molina could have totally done that shit.

Thaaaaaaaaaaat's gonna leave a mark.


Love the montage of sad Twins fans. THEIR TEARS FEED ME

Liveglog plz.

That guy was definitely crying.

See the post above, son.

The Twins just #fisted my heart right out of my chest.

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