Superlative Strasburg Shines, Scouts Secrete Sycophancy

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My goodness this alliteration stuff is hard. I would have had this published long ago, but it took me forever to come up with that title.

(shakes fist at previously established WoW memes)

Moving right along, the other big news from baseball last night was number one draft pick / savior of the human race Stephen Strasburg making his Arizona Fall League debut for the Phoenix Dirt Dogs. The Wu-Tang clan approves of this team's nomenclature. So how did young Mr. Strasburg fare against hitters that are nothing like what he'll see in the Major Leagues? Pretty well, actually.

Stephen Strasburg made his grand professional debut on Friday night, pitching in the Arizona Fall League at Phoenix Municipal Stadium, and his 3 1/3-inning scoreless outing may have been a preview of great things to come. Strasburg, taken first in June's First-Year Player Draft by the Nationals, threw 50 pitches -- 32 of them strikes -- for the Phoenix Desert Dogs. He faced 11 Scottsdale Scorpions hitters, walked one, struck out two, allowed a pair of singles and earned the win in his club's 7-4 victory. The two strikeouts came with one out in the first inning and were of the swinging variety.

That's a lot of pitches for only three innings and not that many strikeouts, but that hasn't stopped some people (read: scouts) from starting to jump the gun on the youngster's future. Let the hyperbole commence!

"He's very special," said Tom Romenesko, a former scout for the Astros and once the head of the Padres' Minor League development. "He brings up the intensity level of the rest of the players. There are not many guys who can do that."

Those of you who had "one" in the office pool for "How many games into Strasburg's professional career before people start to laud his intangibles?" are the big winners! Congratulations!

But we can't stop now, this is hype country!

"With his composure and his stuff, there's no reason this kid should not be Washington's opening day starter next year," one major league scout said. "He's better than anything they have. There's no reason for him to spend time in the minors."

Now we've added "composure" to "intensity." Slow down, anonymous scouts, I'm going to get an intangibles nosebleed! Perhaps we should encourage these scouting gentlemen to invest in one of these:

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The best part of Strasburg is the value received for his age

Looks like someone spent a portion of his trillion-dollar signing bonus on leadership pickles.

"He's very special," said someone who has been fired by both the Padres and Astros.

The most difficult part of commenting on this post was moving my giant Strasboner off the keyboard

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