The Irresistible Force Meets the Mediocre Object

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zackattack.jpgZack Greinke will, barring a miracle of clusterfucktastic proportions, win the Cy Young award for the American League in 2009. He's been outstanding from Opening Day right up until today, the day of his final start. He will not win 20 games, but God willing, that won't keep him from winning the trophy.

Grienke's Royals are a bad, bad baseball team. Losers of 94 games, many years have passed since they played a Meaningful baseball game. Until today. Today, Zack Greinke, Billy Butler, and the 23 living embodiments of replacement level face the Twins in a game that could decide the Twinkies season. The Royals get to play the spoilers, and spoil they well. Because Zack Greinke is amazing and the Twins, well, stink.

Watching the Tigers and Twins do battle this week I was amazed at how bad a team the Twins really are. The Tigers are far from perfect, but the Twins don't strike me a playoff-caliber team. The certainly miss Justin Morneau from the middle of their lineup as any team would. But aside from Joe Mauer, the Twins inspire little in the way of fear. As always, the Twins inspire shrugged shoulders and questions of "how they hell did they win so many games?"

Despite my derision, the bats generate a decent amount of offense. Jason Kubel and Michael Cuddyer hit home runs while Denard Span picks up singles like your kid sister at the end of "Love in an Elevator." They love giving their precious outs away &mdash for free!&mdash via the sacrifice bunt. They also ground into the second most double plays in baseball! Their pitching and defense are pretty abysmal.

What does all this mean for The Zombie? Sadly, many writers will end up using this high(ish) profile game as a measuring stick for Greinke's Cy Young worth. "He can't win the big game" I'm sure they'll say, noting his less than impressive supporting cast of clowns won/loss record. If Zack shuts the Twins down, crushing their playoff hopes with the zeal of Dayton Moore administering Yuniesky Water Torture on Joe Posnanski, he will hopefully make believers of the scores of writers yet to see him pitch this year (read: the New York media horde.) Here's hoping he converts the few remaining non-believers. He's earned it.

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Denard Span picks up singles like your kid sister at the end of "Love in an Elevator.


Slow down, Drew. You're making Weekday Daddy look bad.



Denard Span picks up singles like your kid sister at the end of "Love in an Elevator."

Yeah, Jesus. Zing that's good.

I'm in a fantasy hockey league and the draft isn't until Tuesday (don't ask me why). Anyway, the league is far from full and I'm not sure what the commissioner is doing to get folks to join so I'm just going to open it to you guys.

It's a Yahoo league.

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Playoffs? We talking playoffs?

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