The Second Annual Walkoff Walk Dot Com Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence: MVP Awards

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acrylicaward.jpgWith the postseason stuck in that lull between the regular season and the playoffs, we here at Walkoff Walk thought it would be a good time to assault our readers' eyes and brains with some award posts. We proudly present The Second Annual Walkoff Walk Dot Com Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence sponsored in part by nobody because we don't get paid a damn thing to do this website. It's a labor of love.

We've split up our choices by award and stuck both leagues together because we're angry and spiteful men. We've spent minutes and minutes researching stats and whatnot to make these important decisions. Please consider our opinions and then feel free to express your own in the comment section.


American League MVP

  1. Joe Mauer

  2. Zack Greinke

  3. Derek Jeter

There is no denying Joe Mauer. Sure, he missed the first month of the year but stuffed the next five months so full of statistical goodness that you'd be hard-pressed to find a catcher reach base and smack taters with such aplomb. He's a catcher! And the only AL player to top 1.000 OPS! He led the league in OBP and SLG! He was one of only five players to walk more frequently than he struck out! Did I mention he was a catcher and that he hit 28 home runs despite missing a month of the season? Or that his Twins ran off an unprecedented winning streak after the so-called valuable Justin Morneau stopped playing because he was tired? WHO'S THE 2006 MVP NOW?

Zack Greinke's praises have been sung but really, what reason would the Royals have to exist were it not for Zack's magic deeds? Sure, they tacked a playground onto the back of Kauffman Stadium to bring in the Midwestern rubes, but there was no individual not named Joe Mauer who did more to increase interest in his team last season. And yes, of course pitchers can be MVPs. Otherwise, poor Tony Pena Jr's dreams of becoming AL MVP have been crushed.

Speaking of crushes, Derek Jeter had a great year but loses a couple points for having only his third highest Value Over Replacement Dreamboat of his career.


National League MVP

  1. Albert Pujols

  2. Chase Utley

  3. Prince Fielder

Bert put up ungodly numbers for seemingly the 27th consecutive season. Perhaps it's time to call the award "The Albert Pujols Most Valuable Pujols in the National Pujols" or something in that vein. He hit 47 homers and drew a career-high 115 walks. Pujols may have finished a few RBI and a couple of batting points shy of the Triple Crown but did magic with an OPS over 1.100 and an above average glove at first base.

Utley carried himself well on a team that featured the star power Ryan Howard, half a season's worth of Raul Ibanez, and an emerging Jayson Werth, and got it done in the field with the range of a young gazelle. He drew a career high 88 walks and decided it would be fun to steal 23 bases this year without being caught once, all while grounding into but five double plays. And yes, he reached first base by getting hit by a pitch 24 times. Value!

Shame that Fielder's prime has come at the same time Pujols is utterly dominating baseball, because he had a career year in 2009. Big fella smacked 46 dongs, collected 110 walks, and wore a hole in a record 32 pairs of size XXXXXL pants. Still, if there were an award for most awesomest home run celebration, Prince would win unanimously. That single moment by your 2009 Milwaukee Brewers restored our faith in flyover country.

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I take back all of the bad things I have said about you in the past

I would say that these awards are all about the WoW editors making nice with their favorite commenters, but nobody here is a Royals fan. Nobody anywhere is a Royals fan.

Give it to Jetah! True Yankee!


I wish that someone would find something bad to report about Pujols. Not steroids, because who cares. But like a genuine reason to dislike him, like he supports dogfighting or thinks Polanski should get off the hook or doesn't like baked brie.

Wanting to hate Pujols ain't right, man. He's like a unicorn dipped in rainbows.

Three of these posts and not one mention of Sal Fasano? Seriously.

Mashing can be a lot of fun if there are a lot of people around but I don't think it makes him a good guy.

Fielder smacked 46 dongs? Why would you ever want to reward someone so cruel?

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