The Video That Everyone Is Talking About Today

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You simply won't believe your eyes when you watch this video of the Cubby Bear bar in Chicago circa 1984. Cubs fans by day! Punk rock slam dancers by night! Shocking nostalgia!

Okay, okay, maybe the video that everyone is talking about today is really the one where Mariano Rivera allegedly spits on a baseball:

Shocking ephemera! Halos Heaven had the video last night and claims, with associated screengrabs, to prove without a shadow of a doubt that Mariano is a Cheaty McCheaterson. The caption reads:

spit landing, as fox realizes what it is broadcasting and quickly cuts to scioscia (can still see the spit halo on top of the ball)

Then, the folks at Fack Youk get all CSI on their case and figure out that it's all a bunch of hooey.

What's that? Oh, I've just been informed that it's actually the Majestic logo on Mike Scioscia's jacket coming through as FOX faded to the next shot.

Do these hacks at Halos Heaven really think that's been the key to throwing the cutter all these years? Spit directly on the ball and hope no one notices? FOR FIFTEEN YEARS? If it was his super-secret method, don't you think he'd be a touch more discrete about it?

Thanks for doing the heavy lifting, boys.

(Hat tips all around! Chicagoist, Duk's Twooter, the Stew, Matt_T, Fack Youk, and Tommy Craggs)

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The most shocking part of all of this?

That the Angels actually have fans

If Rivera is going to spit on anything let him spit on Nick Swisher

You know what? Everything is terrible. Fuck the Cubby Bear, the Ginger Man's jukebox wins.


I just really like videos that remind me of the good old days, back when I was a six-year-old punk rocker.

Mariano spits on the notion that he's a cheater.

Have good mosh pitting!

Boy George makes a cameo at the end of that Cubby Bear video. Well, it's probably a Boy George look-alike, which is the second most despicable job in the world after BLOGGER WHO ACCUSES MARIANO OF CHEATING.

Well done, Rob. This site will now be featured prominently every time someone Googles "spit on a bear." I assure you, it's not the kind of company you seek.

Now I see the long, the short, the middle and what's in between---
I could spit on a strange bear.

Wow, um, in 1984 I had a mohawk and was hanging out at punk shows.

Speaking of cheaters caught on tape...I wonder if Halos Heaven has ever seen video of the 2002 World Series?

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