Thursday Evening Liveglog Club: Cardinals @ Dodgers, NLDS Game 2

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wtf.jpgWhats up homies. I get the opportunity to liveglog the St. Louis Cardinals vs. Los Angeles Dogers this evening, who will face eachother in Game 2 of their NL Division Series.

Let me start off by alerting you to a few hazarous shortcomings I'm dealing with, aside from the obvious. My dog leaped on top of my computer this morning an broke the letter D off. I put it back on, but now I have to push on it really hard to get it to work. Also, I have a limited number of refreshments. But baseball, so yay!

T-minus whenever the hell this other game is over to liveglog goodness.

Your starting pitchers for this evening's playoff game are Clayton Kershaw for the Dodgers, who owns a 2.79 ERA with a nice round 8-8 record, against Adam Wainwright for the Cards. Wainwright is making his very first postseason start tonight, after ending the regular season with an impressive 19-8 record and 2.63 ERA.
6:07: Fashioinably late as usual, so we're gonna get things rolling. Also, I'm going to be nice and use East Coast time.

6:08: Leadoff batter Julio Lugo grounds out to short to kick things off.

6:10: Brendan Ryan: longest at bat ever? Finally called out on strikes.

6:13: Albert Pujols, the best player in the history of ever, grounds out to third to end the inning. Here comes Mr. Wainwright!

6:17: Wainwright shows off his curveball and gets Rafael Furcal to pop out to Pooholes for the first out. 6:19: Matt Kemp goes down swinging, and Andre Ethier is up next.

6:22: Wainwright gets his second strike-out on three straight fastballs to Ethier. Man, Geico is hip. I'm going to start calling him Wayne for the purpose of saving space. And pure laziness. Cards 0, Dodgers, 0

6: 26: Matt Holliday hits a bomb over the head of Manny Ramirez to give the Cards an early 1-0 lead. What a beast.

6:28: Casey Blake can't figure out to barehand the ball, so Ryan Ludwig reaches with an infield single.

blake facial.jpg 6:30: Yadier Molina singles to short left. Furcal tries to chase it down with no luck, so there's runners on first and second with nobody out for Mark DeRosa.

6:32: DeRosa strikes out swinging, but he looks good doing it.

6:35: Colby (also the name of the stupid mutt who fucked up my D key this morning) Rasmus grounds into an inning-ending double play to cool off the Cards.

6:38: Idiot Savant Ramirez leads off the bottom of the second with a groundout to short. What's better than winning a gold medal in the Special Olympics?

6:40: That's right Matthew. Not being a retard. Loney grounds out to first for the second out.

6:41: What's better than not being retarded?

6:43: Caaaaaaaaaaaaake!!!!!! ...that one's only funny if you say it in your best retarded voice. Casey "Facial" Blake lines out to third. Inning over. Cards 1, Dodgers 0.

6:47: Pitcher on pitcher action.

6:48: Kershaw going nuts with the fastball, but gets Wayne to fly out to right.

6:50: Back to the top of the order, Lugo takes the first pitch he sees down into the right field corner for a double

6:52: Brendan Ryan went to Notre Dame High School. Fancy.

6:54: Ryan grounds out to make way for yet another intentional walk to Pujols. Do they not know who Matt Holliday is?

6:56: The Cardinals leave two stranded after Holliday fists one to third.

6:58: Um... kicking it old school without cover it live? Not a good plan.

7:00: Ronnie Belliard leads off the bottom of the third, and Ryan Ludwig robs him of an extra base hit with a sah-weet diving catch.

7:03: Russell Martins grounds out and Kershaw follows suit with a fly-out to right. Cards 1, Dodgers 0.
7:05: Ludwig leads off and grounds out. This game is going by kinda fast... I might have to resort to Ron Diaz and rootbeer. All I have, I know.

7:06: Molina grounds out right to Kershaw for the second out.


7:12: Mark DeRosa pops out to second to bring us to the bottom of the fourth.

7:13: I also hate George Lopez.

7:14: Lots of ground-outs in this game, which makes it exciting! Good job Furcal.

7:15: Matt Kemp whiffs.

7:16: Even more exciting when ANDRE ETHIER HOMERS TO TIE IT UP. Cards 1, Dodgers 1. We have a ballgame.

7:17: Manny grounds out to end the fourth! CoverItLive time.

You guys are the breast.


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Alright, more baseball! Rockies won 5-4. Now, let's see what this Midwestern gal has in her.

Whoa...a "traditional" liveglog

Seeing Holliday hit that HR reminds me of my distaste for all things Beane.

not being a retard

Not being a NL fan?

Winning the regular Olympics.

Not being a Yankees fan?

A dead Lois?

Not having to launder Ronnie Belliard's handtowels?

LIVEGLOG FASTER! You're my only source of information for this game.


I literally changed the channel for maybe 15 seconds, and Ethier belts one.

I'm going to keep commenting here instead of on Cover It Live, maybe.

Don't forget that the liveglogging fun continues upstairs at 9:30 ET.

6:40: That's right Matthew. Not being a retard.

wow...that coupled with the special olympics jab makes me feel like you think you're better than someone over a few lousy IQ points. shame on you.

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