Thursday Night Liveglog Club: Phillies at Dodgers, NLCS Game One

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Forgive me, but it feels like we were just doing this. Yes, just under a year ago, the Phillies and Dodgers were playing NLCS Game One with Cole Hamels starting...just like tonight! But that game was at Citizens Bank Park and Derek Lowe was going for the Dodgers; oh my how things have changed. Also, it was the night Chief Wahoo spoiled an episode of Survivor, so screw him.

Follow along below, won't you?

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Eff Keith Law. Eff Rob Neyer. Phils all the way.

"Forgive me, but it feels like we were just doing this."

"In case you do want an eloquently written preview of the pitching matchup, check out Jesse Spector's blog."

Spector had a good preview of tonight's pitching matchup, too. OMG 2009 IS JUST LIKE 2008 EXCEPT I'M UNEMPLOYED. And I'm nowhere near as depressed as I was when I was employed.

(Note: I really don't have anything against Law or Neyer, it's just fun to pick on them.)

I missed a Survivor liveglog last night? Bummer!

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