Tonight's No Questions Asked

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  • IS tonight a must-win game for the Phillies, since flying back to LA will create wasteful carbon emissions? No questions asked.

  • BUT really, don't the Dodgers need the game even more, since it's an elimination game? Duh, no questions asked.

  • WILL Cole Hamels enjoy a post-game meal at Seasons Pizza regardless of how well he pitches tonight? No questions asked.

  • DOES Joe Torre's bus stop at 82nd street? Again, stop asking these questions.

So tonight, the Phillies will send Cole Hamels to the hill in a quest to eliminate the Dodgers, win the pennant, and spend the next week writing silly songs. The Dodgers counter with Vicente Padilla, who once inspired a Veterans Stadium fan club called "Padilla's Flotillas" but never went to a fan's funeral like Randy Wolf did.

You know the drill by now. Go home and have some pre-game vittles because the game and our tidy liveglog start at 8PM EDT. Same WoW channel.

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Cole is going to get that Seasons Pizza to go in his Camaro and take it back to The Residences At Two Liberty Place to eat with the kids that aren't his.

Matt, you forgot how he's going to comment after the liveglog using his Comcast hi-speed internet.

I read, like Randy Wolf did, and immediately thought this.

I gots to host an open mic tonight, but I'll stop in the ol' liveglog if the game is still going on when I get home. I'll miss you all... *sniff*

Imma gonna be a little late, cause I gotta finish learning how to make aspirin. But I'll be there, none the less.


Victorino: 2/4, 1 HR, 3 RBI, 1 HBP, 0 questions asked.

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