Tonight's Question

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  • WHAT are we supposed to do with ourselves between now and tomorrow night at 8PM?

Get your chores done tonight, kids. You'll be busy all weekend. Same WoW channel.

(Photo courtesy of Flickr user Grant MacDonald)

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Make cakies in anticipation of tomorrow?

Do two things: marvel at that amazing photo and partake in the Walkoff Walk Fantasy Basketball Draft! One spot left!

talk to the wife? After the WoW fantasy basketball draft of course.

Jerkwheat and I are going on a man-date in DC. We'll send pix.

Do you know if they're simulcasting the show on

I'm-a go host an open mic tonight. THAT'S what I'm gonna do.

Such a shame about that DTV stuff. The venue has a ton of TVs in it for whatever reason and I dialed in Game One of the World Series during an open mic last year...

@matt I dunno offhand, but the site doesn't suggest it will be and they were there last week for the Dinosaur Jr. show, so I'm thinking probably not

That picture gave me chills.

Give Skeets that last spot in the league.

/assumes all Canadians know each other

Setting the table for shameless self-promotion Rob.

Obviously you are supposed to do the Pitchers and Poets postseason quiz. Duh.

I heard Them Crooked Vultures are terrible in concert. How about you not go and I'll drive down and take the tickets from you to make sure that you, um, don't hurt yourselves.

/mad he didn't get any for Philly

Ohhhh that was so good. I feel like somebody just tickled my brain with a sledgehammer. I may not hear for days.

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