Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, I walk the boulevard admitting life is hard

  • HOW will Jon Lester fare in his quest to right the Red Sox' sinking ship and raise his ERA+ a bit to help Catshirt with our Bon Jovi bet? CC Sabathia leads 139 to 134.

  • WILL the Orioles end their 13-game losing streak and avoid losing their 99th game of the year against Tampa Bay? That's 99 losses overall, not just against the Rays.

  • DO Penn State students have too much time on their hands? Get back to studying, you slackers!

  • CAN the Pirates take one step closer to 63 wins and thereby avoid losing 100 games for the first time since 2001? It's only Jeff Samardzija, so why not?

Wow, that Twins-Tigers affair turned out to be quite the testy tussle. Jim Leyland, Jeremy Bonderman, and Gerald Laird done got ejected and the benches even cleared after Delmon Young got plunked. RIght now it's 8-3 Twins in the away half of the ninth, if anything amazing happens we'll cover it...tomorrow. Same WoW channel.

(Baseball Project featuring Mike Mills and Bill Berry video via Paste Magazine)

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Chris Carpenter is your NL ERA and ERA+ champ.

That's impressive, coming back from injury like that

Jesus Upstate, is that the best you can give me??

If I were you, UU, I'd buy some shin guards. Just in case.

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