Tonight's Questions

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Hey kids, it doesn't matter inside the gates of Eden

Your job tonight is to show up at 10PM and listen to three dudes chit-chat about playoff teams, Miggy Cabrera, and general manager intrigue. Here, I will embed the player for you:

Otherwise, we'll let you listen to it tomorrow, sometime before we liveglog the Twins and Tigers tilt, same WoW channel. You too, moustache baby.

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Wilford Brimley IV

DOES Rob Iracane know of the existence of the philadelphia based blog "Plunk Chutley"?

I'm raising money for beer. Which fanbase wants my services for the rest of the postseason? I've been described as "an enthusiastic rooter". Cash only plz.

There Will Be Strained Peas

Hows about you root for the Phillies, and next time I see you at a Heist, the drinks are on me.

The proprietor of said blog is a friend of WoW

Root for the Cardinals. We are fans of many current and former Nationals players including, but not limited to, Ronnie Belliard and Ray King.

The Twins have former Nationals great Demtri Young's little brother. Just something to think about.

@Nick: Having renounced my Phillies fanship once already I feel as if I am disqualified from the matter. I will say that I did enjoy seeing them win last year, however.

@BC: This just means I know how straight-up crazy Delmon Young is, if the Dugout didn't have me convinced already.

@Colonel: The mere mention of Ronnie Belliard made me vomit in my mouth a little.

@Rob and Kris pre-emptively: Fuck no.

No great pitches so far. Which team has the most Hustle? I like Hustle.

Being located in the East Bay means the A's have the most Hustle. They also have the most Hyphy-ness and lead the league in the ability to "go stupid doo-doo dumb" at the drop of a sick beat as long as they have enough Hennessy.

If you want to talk about the cities themselves, Detroit has got to be the most "gritty". Especially the week after Devil's Night.

I'm sorry, but I read MDT's qualifications as "an enthusiastic rooster".
Only one team needs more supporters. That's right: you're now an Angels fan.

Wow, Phillas is right. Sorry MDT, but the Angels have dibs on any and all free agent fans.

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